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THEORY: Why Will was crying in the van in Stranger Things season 4

July 5, 2022

There are a few things you don’t want to forget when you sit down for a new season of Stranger Things.

Snacks, tissues – for those inevitable heartbreaking moments – and your phone, so you can watch online and join in the fan chat whenever you want.

Ever since the Duffer Brothers sci-fi horror phenom dropped on Netflix in 2016, there’s been an abundance of debate, fan theories, and general conversation surrounding the popular series.

As expected, the arrival of Season 4 Part 2 on Friday, July 1, 2022 has created many new talking points as audiences reflect on some moments of ambiguity in the feature films.


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THEORY: Why Will was crying in Stranger Things 4

The penultimate installment of Stranger Things 4 offers fans of Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) a rather intimate and moving moment.

An exchange between him and Mike ends in tears that aren’t explicitly addressed. However, we at Juicee News are sure the footage helps bolster a theory that was dominating online even before the Season 4 premiere.

Mike is paranoid El won’t need him anymore and Will assures him that won’t be the case. However, as he delivers his speech, it becomes questionable that he is talking about himself rather than El.

“When you’re different, sometimes you feel like you’re wrong,” he says.

The tears that followed suggest he was pouring out his heart, coming closer than ever to reveal he’s gay and has feelings for his friend.

Fans have long suspected that Will is gay. Before the aforementioned scene, there was an argument between Will and Mike in Season 3 that ended with Mike saying it wasn’t his fault Will didn’t like girls.

Fast forward to Season 4 and Jonathan tells his brother that he’s always there for him if he needs help, which is probably his way of saying he knows Will, but that’s not. It’s okay if he’s not ready to open up and tell her again.


Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix

BridTV10556Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | Netflix

Fans react on Twitter

A number of viewers took to Twitter to react to the emotional scene, offering their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

“Will is experiencing a new struggle”

In a recent chat with Digital Trends, Noah Schnapp opened up about Will’s situation in Season 4:

“Will is going through a new struggle and a new environment, and you sort of see him as a fish out of water. He’s not in Hawkins anymore, but he’s in California. You’re used to seeing Will fight a monster or the Upside Down and the supernatural forces against him. But those are just his personal struggles and high school.

He added: “It’s cool to see this different side of Will because we’re so used to seeing the other kind of scary antagonist against him. But this is just a normal real experience that all fans can relate to.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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