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THEORY: Does Evelyn Marcus die in Resident Evil on Netflix?

July 16, 2022

This franchise is not standing still.

Resident Evil is iconic in every sense of the word, and fans have long been immersed in games and movies that have expanded the mythology. Now it’s Netflix’s turn to breathe new life into the title with a series developed by Andrew Dabb.

The eight-episode American action horror premiered on the platform on Thursday, July 14, 2022, set in its own new universe but ensuring the highly-rated games still provide some backstory.

There’s a lot to digest, and those unfamiliar with the games may find themselves unsure of newly designed characters or characters pulled straight from the source material. With a focus on one character in particular, audiences are curious about the show’s CEO. So let’s talk about Resident Evil’s Evelyn Marcus before we dive into the theories.

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Who is Evelyn Marcus in Resident Evil?

Evelyn Marcus (portrayed by Paola Núñez) is introduced as CEO of Umbrella Corporation in the 2020s.

She is quickly established as a ruthless leader, indifferent to the impact of Umbrella’s work on the public so long as it provides financial gain to the company. Dodging the warnings of the Umbrella staff, the shadow of her deceased father – James Marcus – looms over her, as he was responsible for the downfall of Raccoon City.

We find out that she is married to Diana and the couple have one child – Simon – although there are issues that prevail in the marriage. However, at the end of the season, we have a totally different take on Evelyn. The main concern is that she may have been killed by fierce zombies in the finale.

This brings us to the big question. Did Evelyn die in Resident Evil?


Resident Evil | Official Trailer 2

BridTV10011Resident Evil | Official Trailer 2

THEORY: Does Evelyn die in Resident Evil?

Faced with swarms of zombies, we leave for Evelyn without ever seeing her fate. Does she get torn apart and killed? Does she successfully escape?

Only a second season will provide audiences with the clarity they seek. However, it is worth offering some intriguing theories. First, it’s certainly possible that Evelyn will be murdered by the zombies and the camera cut out to spare us the gruesome details.

On the other hand, one potential reason why her disappearance remains ambiguous could be that she survived the encounter. Maybe Billie came to her rescue, because we know she manages to escape by helicopter. It is plausible that she quickly intervened to save Evelyn. After all, it’s revealed that Billie is in charge at Umbrella if you pull back the curtain.

Evelyn is a bit of her puppet, so maybe she decided it was best to keep her alive for her own selfish reasons.

Alternatively, The Cinemaholic suggests another theory. Are there more of Evelyn’s backs at the lab that can replace the one that was hypothetically ravaged by zombies? Clones aren’t new to the franchise, and it wouldn’t be entirely shocking to find out that Billie had clones of Evelyn made. However, that would mean that the Evelyn we knew this season – the one left in the tent – is dead.

Evelyn could play an important role in a number of ways if the show is renewed for Season 2, and killing off the character so early makes it seem like it would arguably be negligent on the writers’ part. Personally, we predict Evelyn will be back – clone or not.


“That’s where I found his pain”

Speaking to Screenrant, Paola Núñez was asked about her history with the franchise before working on the Netflix show:

“I knew about the games and two of the movies, but I gathered all the information about Evelyn’s father so I could figure it out. And it was easier to understand where she came from, and the urgent need to be seen and respected. I feel like that’s where I found his pain, isn’t it?

She added: “That’s where I found her fears and her pain and that’s how I created her. And it was really important [to] me, for Evelyn to have some humanity so people can connect with that and not just to be a bad guy who’s almost not human. I wanted her to feel human and vulnerable, even though that’s the scariest thing for her is being vulnerable.

Resident Evil is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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