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The wheel of time season 1, recap of episode 4 – “The Dragon’s Reborn”

November 26, 2021

This recap of Amazon’s Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 4, “The Dragon’s Reborn,” contains spoilers.

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The wheel of time summary of season 1, episode 4


Ghealdan is a small country in the world The wheel of time nestled at the foot of the Western Mountains and just northwest of Amadicia and Altara. Currently, the crown is trying to escape the man we saw in the last episode. He claims he is the Dragon Reborn. Height runs up to the tower, bleeding from a cut from a sword in his left shoulder. His men save him time, but the man easily repels their advances. As he arrives at the tower, the strange new power that takes the form of black smoke that resembles a long, spinning streamer surrounds him. Rising above the crown, the two are enemies, and the smoke tells the man walking around like an evil Jesus that he must kill him and cannot be trusted.

The Crown attempts to stab him while the Dragon Reborn has a schizophrenic argument with voices in his head. He stops him as the black, craggy smoke subdues him, wrapping around the wounded king. Having him on his knees, anxious to tear his life away, the black weaves of the air heal his wound. The Dragon Reborn also kneels, as he looks the king straight in the eye and says this to him – there is a place for anyone by my side. Even my enemies.

His name is Logain (Alvaro Morte). Even though the last dragon broke the world, he plans to bind it together.


Moiraine discovers that almost all of the members of the Aes Sedai use their considerable powers to keep Logan at bay. We find out that women cannot seem like the aerial weaves of men as Moiraine tells her friend that Logan could be a false dragon and not the real one.

Rand and carpet

Rand and Mat follow Thom Merrilin after he saves them from Dana. Mat thinks they are safe with him. Rand, however, makes a fair point – what if Thom had just killed Dana to cover up the fact that he might have allegiance to the Dark Order.

By the time they find refuge that night, Thom notices that Mat is showing signs of unusual behavior. He is sweating and breathing heavily. And he saw he hit his back when he was confronted by a man with a bow and arrows (obviously for the red dagger, but Thom has no idea he has it). He approaches Rand with the idea that Mat is not worth it. He’s about to go mad, and when he does he’ll be a dangerous responsibility, making Rand wonder if he’s trying to pull them apart for an ulterior motive.

When Rand falls asleep, he has a nightmare with his group of friends in Two Rivers, Perrin picking up an ax from a pile of corpses. When he wakes up, he finds Mat gone. Thom and Mat find him on the farm of a family, the Grinwells, while he suffers a “Fade”. This family was kind enough to make them sleep in their barn. The whole family was killed and stabbed with a blade. Mat holds the dagger and Rand assumes the worst – his friend must have gone mad and murdered them. That is until Mat points to the completely dark second floor bedroom and says, “I see you.” This is when a shadowspawn jumps off the ground and attacks. Merrilin tells them to run and go into the night as their savior fights the bane.

Egwene and Perrin

Egwene and Perrin continue to hitch their cart to “The Traveling People” even though Perrin doesn’t trust them – they are just too adorable. Too confident. And too relaxed when it comes to personal protection. Egwene finally manages to get some motivation out of this band of vagrants. They are looking for the song that brought harmony to the world that they lost years ago.

They are also similar to the Amish people of the northeastern United States. They practice submission, letting-be, or submission to the will of God (or, in this case, the “wheel”). At 20, they leave the group to travel the world and decide if they want to return (this happens at 16 for the Amish people, known as “rumspringa”).

They continue on their way to an uncertain future.

The end – Like a bright sun

They are thrown against the walls like rag dolls when Moiraine enters. She starts questioning him, and he’s so convinced he’s the Dragon Reborn that he laughs at her. She reduces her motivation to this – Logain says the wind, the wheel wants something from him. She regrets to inform him that it is the people who want it, not the revolution. Therefore, Logain is a false Dragon.

Just as Lan and Nynaeve make a connection after a long conversation (seems to be the equivalent of asking if you can borrow someone at a party before the final rose ceremony in The single person), Logain’s army arrives rushing towards the Aes Sedai camp. They are led by the king of Ghealdan and his people, all the “guardians” (a bodyguard, friend and confidant of the Aes Sedai) and a handful of Aes Sedai, notably Alanna (Lion‘s Priyanka Bose). As they try to regain the caves, Liandrin and Kerene are overwhelmed by Logain’s powers. The whispers in his head are crazy thoughts.

At this point, Liandrin and Kerene wake up, and the three Aes Sedai come to attention and cling to Logain with their white weaves. This is until he sends his own weave which is about to kill the three, but Kerene protects her two sisters but is killed almost instantly. By the time they reach the cave, Kerene’s keeper, Stepin, is overcome with rage and jumps to take down Logain with the two axes. As he breaches control of the Aes Sedai, Logain’s power grabs Stepin’s weapons and throws them towards the group, injuring them all.

Moiraine is stabbed in the stomach, Liandrin has a serious shoulder injury, and Lan has the most problems – his neck has been cut open and it is bleeding. Nynaeve is desperately trying to hold back the blood when she suddenly screams in rage and then finds out that she can channel. She lets out a weave that heals everyone and Logain says, “Like a bright sun.” He now knows he’s not the Dragon Reborn.

Liandrin has the Aes Sedai to bind. Together they harness their armor of power to ultimately take down Logain for killing their sister and being the False Dragon. They then relieve him of his dark energy or what we may think of as his toxic masculinity.

But the real question is, has Nynaeve been hiding her power all this time, or has she just discovered it organically?

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