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The Watcher season 1, episode 5 recap – “Occam’s Razor”

October 13, 2022

This recap of The Watcher season 1, episode 5, “Occam’s Razor,” contains spoilers.

So, we have a new theory advanced by Nora at the start of “Occam’s Razor”: That Dean himself is the watcher.

Here’s how she came to the conclusion. Paranoid about Dean’s alleged affair with a young girl in pigtails, Nora retrieved her cell phone records and found nothing. Not one to be defeated so easily, she retrieved the landline records from 657 Boulevard and found something odd – but not what she expected. Do you remember how in The Observer episode 2, Nora got a call at the motel that was just hard breathing? Well, turns out it was from inside the house – from Dean. She thinks he realized they couldn’t afford the house and, rather than tell the truth, he decided to terrify her into moving out.

The Watcher season 1, episode 5 recap

Nora brings this theory to Schuyler, who not only instantly believes it, but also manages to more or less prove it in a scene or two. Since she’s absurdly well-connected, she’s able to get an FBI handwriting analyst to say with 70-80% certainty that Dean wrote the Watcher letters based on how he wrote a capital letter K on an old Valentine’s Day card, then discovers his financial details, which reveal that he not only invested every penny he had in selling the house, but also borrowed 150 $000 to renovate it to shady people charging high interest rates and kicking their thumbs for non-payment. So we have a pattern and more. Case closed.

Meanwhile, Karen goes to see Mitch and Mo, and while she doesn’t ask for any details about their sudden disappearance and then reappearance, she implies that their home is now what’s called “stigmatized property” thanks to all the rumors. of murder. whirling. She offers to sell it for them on behalf of Darren Dunn Real Estate, under their usual arrangement, which is to set up an LLC and flip property for a profit — much like what was done with 657 Boulevard, which she can’t help but smile across the street as she leaves, unsuccessful so far but having promised that she would always get what she wanted.

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Anyway, with Mo back in town and Dean out of town, Nora is invited to a lunch party hosted by Pearl. There, Mo confesses that the bodies taken from their house were actually two elderly people whom their son, Christopher, had found, brought home, and murdered in an attempt to claim the insurance money while Mitch and Mo were absent. Florida. It’s a plan with levels of holes in Swiss cheese, but apparently Christopher did drugs when he was younger, which triggered mental illness. When Mo heard about the letters Nora was getting, she suspected him, though Pearl admits she suspected Jasper – and she says this now? – given that he had such an attachment to the house and that Pearl herself had also received one, although hers was not threatening, just a short ode to how distinct and, above all, unchanged his own house was.

This idea of ​​change keeps coming up, doesn’t it? It seems no one at Westview likes the idea. Pearl thought the letter was Jasper’s way of changing his mind about decorating the house. But it’s too much of a coincidence that the permanence of Pearl’s home is what the letter so admired. Anyway, Nora hears obvious footsteps in the house despite Pearl claiming that Jasper isn’t home, so she walks out of there with some haste.

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Back home, Nora reflects on all of this amid half-hearted apologies from Ellie, who really wasn’t held accountable for her absolutely deranged response to being punished. When pressed, Nora says she doesn’t think Dean was sending the letters. But is that really what she believes?

Speaking of Dean, he confronted Andrew earlier in the episode about being an actor, but Andrew swears everything he said was true. He also finds an unlikely ally in Dakota. Having discovered that what Dean said about the girl in his bedroom was a bit suspicious, he went through all the footage to try to figure out how she got into the house – and it turns out she didn’t. did not, at least not via any of the monitored exterior exits. That means she was either added to the footage, teleported there, or – and I think this is most likely – used the hidden tunnel that was already mentioned by Andrew.

Dean and Dakota share this news with Nora. This leads them to a candid conversation in which Dean confesses to having written one of the letters, but not the third. The DNA results, which the Brannocks are finally able to see after Nora tricks Chamberland into quitting sitting on them, confirm this; the author of the first two was a woman. This doesn’t drastically narrow the pool of suspects, but it fits a new theory that comes to Nora’s mind when she ventures to the country club and sees Karen there in close conversation with Chamberland. It turns out they’re an item, which means between them they would have had access to all the information they needed, from finances to police evidence. Given that Karen’s company buys properties through an LLC to profit from them, it makes perfect sense that it allowed the Brannocks to renovate, then pressured Nora to sell — and Chamberland could have helped. to concoct a perfect story in order to force Nora to do this. It can’t be a coincidence that Karen accused Dean of having an affair with “a girl with pigtails” just before a girl with pigtails was filmed sneaking into his room.

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The big development – and the best jump scare of the season – comes at the very end of “Occam’s Razor” when the house contractors discover something strange in the basement. It’s worth mentioning that the contractors have been in the house this whole time, obviously aware of all the drama, and just minding their own business and continuing to work. No matter how much they get, it’s not enough. But regardless, what they discovered is a hidden Prohibition-era tunnel, confirming Andrew’s claims that such a thing exists, and our theory that the pigtailed girl uses it to secretly gain access to the house. Dean and Nora head inside, and when they do, their torches just spot someone running away.

You can stream The Watcher season 1, episode 5, “Occam’s Razor,” exclusively on Netflix.

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