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The Umbrella Academy season 3 – who is The Founder?

June 23, 2022

This article, “who is the founder”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 3.

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During the third season of The Umbrella Academy, Five and Lila travel to an icy future where The Commission has indeed been desecrated thanks to the paradox of time. Here they encounter an unusual character known as The Founder, who may be able to help solve their Kugelblitz apocalyptic dilemma and save the entire universe in the process. This enigmatic character brings many answers and other mysteries, all in a single appearance.

Who is the founder of The Umbrella Academy season 3?

Once inside Commission headquarters, Five and Lila head to a hidden operations bunker in hopes of finding an answer to their problems. They want to rectify the time paradox and reset the universe once and for all. The founder may just be the person who can help with that. He is located in the bunker, resting inside an iron lung. This aging man is skin and bones, although Five instantly recognizes him. This is his future self.

Sporting a crazy white mane of hair and beard, this dying man lies in his secluded room, awaiting his own end. The play itself is paradox-proof, which has helped him survive for so long, perhaps waiting for his encounter with the younger five. Our Five has absolutely no recollection of this, he doesn’t remember founding the Commission, and seems completely puzzled by the insane situation he finds himself in. Surprisingly, the founder also has quite an intricate tattoo on his chest and is missing his left arm which was amputated.

The Founder states that he created this secure bunker as a panic room in the event of a collapse in the time continuum. In the play, any version of Five can exist, negating the repetition of those pesky paradoxes. Younger Five asks how to stop the Kugelblitz, and the Founder laughs at him. He informs them that you can’t stop this black hole from terrorizing and completely destroying the universe, you just have to let it, don’t try to stop it. Again, Five is totally baffled by the storyline. The Iron Lung frees the Founder from inside the sealed chamber, he tells Five not to save the world with his last breath, then dies.

After watching the entire season, the pieces are starting to fall into place. The Founder says, “all that will remain is oblivion,” alluding to the portal hotel that escapes the end of the world. Five continues the time cycle with precision by acquiring Pogo’s tattoo and losing his arm in battle. He will eventually become The Founder, it’s a fatality. The mystery, however, lies in how he became the Founder and why he is completely unaware of his own past. It will surely be saved for another season.

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