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The Umbrella Academy season 3 – who is Sloane?

June 22, 2022

This article, “who is Sloane”, contains spoilers for the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 3.

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Sparrow Academy’s nicest member, Sloane is also their most well-rounded character. She strikes up a romance with Luther and fights with the gang to the end. This sparrow has much more depth and potential than the other vindictive members. But who is Sloane really?

Who’s Sloane In The Umbrella Academy season 3?

Sloane Hargreeves is Sparrow number five, played by Genesis Rodriguez. Her abilities include the power to levitate objects and herself. She can control these objects and is able to move them at will. This allows him to fly and levitate others as well. Sloane’s power is one of the most versatile and impressive of the Sparrows. She survives until the end of the series and plays a pivotal role in the gang’s plan to eradicate the Kugelblitz, which operates for a little while.

She secretly hates being part of Sparrow Academy, disliking her siblings and everything they represent. They’re a pretty loathsome bunch, and I can imagine their hate-filled antics getting tiresome quickly. Sloane wishes to escape the confines of the Academy and longs to be free. She wishes to leave the group and start a new life with her lover Luther. Although things don’t go as planned and the apocalypse gets in the way of their dreams.

It’s an adorable partnership between Luther and Sloane, with their romance being a highlight of the show. They first meet in combat as the warring Academies, but they get to know each other more personally when Luther is taken hostage. As captives, Sloane and Luther hang out. She shows him around the Academy, and they get to know each other very quickly. The two end up kissing and spending the night together. Sloane even uses his special powers in the bedroom.

The pair fall out, however, when Lester kills Jayme and Alphonso. She struggles to decide whether Luther can be trusted or not. Luther does his best to comfort Sloane, stating that he doesn’t know, but he has his own reservations with her. The relationship manages to overcome this sore point and the couple decide to get married as the world comes to an end. It makes for a cute, cinematic wedding, with the couple clearly in love. This makes the finale even more heartbreaking. In the final scenes, the universe is reset and a new timeline emerges. The whole gang is reunited, but Sloane is nowhere to be found. Luther fears the worst and rushes off, trying to find her. Hopefully season four would explore this searing suspense and reunite the couple.

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