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The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

June 22, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 10, “Oblivion,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The finale has finally arrived and the world is officially over. Umbrellas and Sparrows couldn’t stop the Kugelblitz from destroying everything in the known universe, with the aggressive black hole consuming everything in its path. Consequently, the gang was forced to follow Reginald’s Project Oblivion backup plan, rushing through a mystical portal to another realm, the Opposite Hotel, which is guarded by a killer monster. Episode ten, “Oblivion,” brings a searing conclusion to this fantasy epic.

The Umbrella Academy recap of season 3, episode 10 – the ending explained

For the final episode, the narrative is split into two sections, with Klaus and Luther relaxing in the afterlife in one and the surviving members of civilization battling the Guardians at Hotel Oblivion in the other subplot. . In the void, Klaus and Luther discuss death and their tedious plans for eternity. Although Luther is still in survival mode, Klaus desperately needs to get back to the real world and warn others. Klaus is done with existence, happy to stay dead and needs some convincing. Luther becomes violent with “The King of Death” and manages to persuade him to return to the land of the living.

As the siblings argue in a purgatory nightmare, the rest of the gang find themselves thrown into Hotel Oblivion, another equally grim proposition. There are some serious trust issues floating around, a bloodthirsty monster to avoid, and some nifty symbols to track down. Reginald believes the key to resetting the universe is finding a collection of symbols known as a sigil. The heroes begin to search for these occult symbols, dividing into small teams. Klaus returns from the dead just in time to see Reginald ring the sacred bell that summons those who guard this portal. It all sounds like a game for this monocle-wearing villain, who has a lot of his own secrets.

Allison, Five, and Viktor buy some alone time to deal with these trust issues, forming one of the sub-teams. Five thinks Allison made a dishonorable deal with Reginald and suspects they are both behind Luther and Klaus’ deaths. Allison reverts to her usual security system and leaves. Viktor gives chase, and Five is inadvertently separated from the others in this labyrinthine world. Viktor and Allison argue again in another repetitive exchange. They are then attacked by The Guardian, wielding an axe, which effortlessly slices through Allison’s skin.

Diego and Lila are chased by another Guardian, one with a sickle as his weapon of choice. Diego injures the monster with a knife to the eye, but he seems mostly unscathed. Diego locks Lila in a room, protecting his partner and their unborn child. However, Lila escapes and teams up with Viktor. This energetic duo defeated their Guardian in a single synchronized explosion. Five joins Ben and Sloane, who are attacked by a Guardian. This one sports a samurai sword that easily slices through Ben’s tentacles. Five uses this distraction to his advantage and hacks the Guardian with a hotel ax through his back, destroying the second monster.

The third and final Guardian fights the gang in the hotel lobby after fulfilling the prophecy and severing Five’s hand – that’s quite the entrance. Luther comes back from the dead to save his wife and launches the monster into the air. Luther says a final heartbreaking farewell to Sloane, then fades away, having been brought back by Klaus for a limited time only. It’s a tragic end to their romance, with the goosebumps returning once again.

The heroes believe the monster is now defeated, but no luck. Five remembers the symbols from Pogo’s book and spots the stars on the lobby floor. They all fall into place as the third Guardian attacks once more. Blue energy surges through the seven bodies, combines and hits the Guardian head-on, vaporizing the beast.

Reginald warned Allison against walking on the stars, and for good reason. This flow of energy kills the gang, zapping their powers. Reginald explains at high speed how the hotel is a facade, and they’re actually stuck inside a machine in another dimension. Superhuman particles power this machine. Reginald tends to an alien computer screen while the gang is drained of life. Allison realizes that they will all perish soon and stops Reginald in his tracks. First she uses her powers of persuasion, then a sickle. She cuts her head in half, revealing an unusual alien undercoat. The computer screen flashes a red alien button, and sure enough, Allison presses it. Cut to black.

The end

The button must have worked because Allison is then reunited with her family, and the gang returns to normal. That reset button realigned the universe. Interestingly, Luther is no longer a half-ape, now a full man, and Five discovers that his powers are gone. In fact, the whole gang is helpless. Luther rushes off to find Sloane, and Ben abandons them in disgust. Lila and Diego decide to go live the rest of their lives, playing happy families. This just leaves Five and Viktor, who stare at each other puzzled.

In the final shot, we fly over a cityscape and Hargreeves’ financial empire. Zooming in on Reginald, he watches his estate from the tallest tower. He’s on top of a skyscraper with his wife, Abigail. As a reminder, Abigail was last seen, deceased, on the moon. Lo and behold, that ends season three.

All in all, it was a crazy, action-packed finale. The series ends with many unanswered questions and a whole complex mythology to over-analyze. This will require repeat viewings. Still, it was one hell of a ride. The show managed to outdo its previous entries and deliver an iconic and highly entertaining third season. Where is going The Umbrella Academy leave this place ?

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