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The Test Season 2 Review – a change in leadership, changes perspectives

January 13, 2023

The post The Test Season 2 Review – A Change in Leadership, Changing Perspectives appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Prime Video documentary series The Test Season 2, which was released on January 13, 2023.

In 2020 The test: a new era for the Australian team created on First video. It is a series that explores the ups and downs of the Australian cricket team. After a cheating scandal rocked the team and the country, Australia was missing a captain.

Their image was shattered and they didn’t know how to get out of the media frenzy that surrounded them. The first season showed quite an interesting outlook from the team members, but this second season completely shifts gears. It’s almost like there’s a different vibe with the team that the players discuss in their one-on-one interviews.

The Test Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

The first season became very popular on the streaming service, and many viewers got excited about this second season. This season follows the 2021/2022 cricket season, where the Aussies take on arch-rivals England. It almost gives you a new appreciation for the sport because it’s not something that’s widely televised.

That’s why this season has really become international. Especially because the Australian team against teams from around the world that they haven’t seen in a while. This second season shows the players’ personalities in the locker room and away in the real world.

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It examines their lives and gives viewers a different perspective on the players.

Is season 2 of The Test on Prime Video good?

If you enjoyed the scandal of the first season, this season takes a different approach. You will learn about the cricket process and what it takes to be a captain in the team. Coaching and captaining go hand in hand, and Pat Cummins takes over. It changes a few things and above all changes the perspective of the team. It’s a very different approach to the former captain, and that’s what makes it a solid season. Of course, things have to change with new leadership, but since Cummins is a family man, it was different. Players also felt different when approaching him.

Fans usually want to see what’s going on in the dressing room between halves or after practice. During this season, the whole team also had to deal with COVID in the early stages. Which can also weigh on the whole team. As Cummins assumed this role of captain, he also had to deal with unprecedented events that he himself did not know how to handle. Seeing everything they went through was interesting and it was also inspiring to see how all the players came together as a family throughout this season.

The most important aspect of sports documentaries is the camaraderie of the players on the team and the level of respect they have for each other. This Australian cricket team has been through so much and keeps pushing forward, determined to achieve their goal.

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What did you think of the Prime Video documentary series The Test Season 2? Comments below.

The post The Test Season 2 Review – A Change in Leadership, Changing Perspectives appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.