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The Terminal List season 1 – who was the anonymous shareholder?

July 2, 2022

This article, “who was the anonymous shareholder”, contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1.

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An important subplot of The Terminal List is who is the last unnamed shareholder? After Katie wrote her story, she put two and two together and made an educated guess that it must be Defense Secretary Lorraine Hartley. Why? Everyone who profited from blind study and concealment was paid and profited from shares. Stocks that are now ten times their value when the Nubellum and Plano deal fell through. The anonymous shareholder now holds notes worth more than $20 million.

The Terminal List season 1 – who was the anonymous shareholder?

When Katie tries to publish her story which states that Secretary Hartley is being paid to conduct a blind experiment on active troops and the subsequent cover-up that she knew about the side effects and setup in Syria, Hartley intercepts the email to its publisher. and explains that she did it for humanitarian reasons. Her father suffered from PTSD. If the RD-4895 drug worked, she could reduce the number of troop deployments. Also, ending the cycle of troops that could no longer sustain trauma and did not need to be replaced. Also, ending violence and mental health instability at home.

She convinces Katie, even though Hartley lied about knowing the side effects and the cover-up. When Katie digs deeper, she ties the anonymous owner’s stock profits to a company in Peru. And who can’t stop talking about holidays and retirement in Peru? Lieutenant James Reece’s best friend, CIA agent Ben Edwards.

Is CIA agent Ben Edwards getting away with it?

No, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s crony and loyal friend who helped him run through his entire list of terminals was the anonymous stockholder. But why? Stever Horn of Capstone Industries, Secretary of Defense Lorraine Hartley and Admiral Gerald Pilar need a member of the US intelligence agency to give credence to the false intelligence report. The report was generated as a false claim that a chemical weapons terrorist named Kahani was in Syria.

Of course, Ben wondered why would he do this to his best friend and the other unit members he knows? He was told they all had terminal cancer and didn’t have long to live. As he tells Reece, who confronts him on his boat off the coast of Peru, why not let his friends die with their boots on instead of in a hospital room? Of course, the money helped, and he even admits that was part of it.

Ben tells his friend to go ahead and invites him to finish his list. We hear an off-camera gunshot from a beach, and we see the boat in the distance.

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