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The Terminal List season 1 – who is Secretary Hartley?

July 1, 2022

This article, “who is Secretary Hartley”, contains spoilers for the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1.

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The Terminal List is an action thriller series based on Jack Carr’s bestselling book series. One of the main characters is Secretary of Defense Lorraine Hartley. She is played by veteran actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, star of films such as The Firm, Basic Instinct and current HBO Max series The Gilded Age, who plays the role of second in command of the US military. She is strict but cares about members of the armed forces. However, her character holds great power and she is not just the carrot but the stick behind the mystery.

So that begs the question:

Who is Secretary Hartley in The Terminal List Season 1?

Lorraine Hartley is the Secretary of Defense of the United States Government.

What does Lorraine Hartley do?

The Secretary offers Lieutenant Commander James Reece the Navy Cross for his action in the mission during the attempted capture of Syrian terrorist Kahani. As Reece continues his pursuit of covering up the task and murdering his family (Reece believes Kahani had something to do with it), she arranges for him to see a Fox News article saying the terrorist was killed during an encounter with her. That, in his mind, ended the affair for him. Hartley also suspects a mole in his cabinet. His second in command, Henry, receives payments from Steve Horn, the billionaire owner of Capstone Industries.

During the investigation led by Reece and journalist Katie Buraneck, all shareholders profited from the conspiracy to test human subjects for the drug RD-4895. It was a blind study that gave Reece and his Navy SEAL team terminal brain cancer. The investigation also revealed that the Secretary authorized the experiment legally and did not proceed illegally with Admiral Pillar, Commander Cox and Captain Howard. So, by process of elimination, shareholders who benefited from the Capstone Industries deal involving Plano and Nubellum, all shareholders benefited. And since everyone involved had something to do with the blind study being on the list of shareholder assets, it’s presumed that Hartley must have been the anonymous shareholder.

When Katie writes the story, she sends it to her editor, but Hartley, using the top-secret resource, intercepts the email. She offers an exclusive interview and explains that her facts are correct, but her assumptions are incorrect. She was never aware of the medical issue with the soldiers or the cover-up. When Katie fires a Thomas Caffery, scolding her with facts that prove she was lying and knew about both, Hartley retaliates with a Colonel Jessup complex. She says she did it for the greater good and won’t let her profit from the sacrifices made by the SEAL team.

Reece infiltrates his domain and enters his panic room. Katie stands in front of Reece, telling him that she never profited from the merger. However, he tells her that she lit the fuse. It doesn’t matter, however. Hartley grabs his handgun and shoots himself before Reece has a chance.

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