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The Terminal List season 1, episode 4 recap – “Detachment”

July 1, 2022

This recap of the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1, episode 4, “Detachment,” contains spoilers.

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The list of terminals summary of season 1, episode 4

Reece travels to Wyoming to kill Marcus Boykin – he pulls him out with his rifle from a mountaintop sniper’s nest. When he reaches the car, he pulls out his laptop and opens it using Boykin’s facial recognition software. It then downloads the data. He returns to a desolate airport where Liz is waiting for him. She’s watching the Alabama game to pass the time. I love Liz. She gets serious when Reece tries to let him off the hook because things are going to get messy. She tells him that there’s enough shit she could end up in not being repaid for killing her daughter.

Liz takes him to Mexico to see Marco and his family. At the funeral, we find out that he was a close friend of Reece’s father and an Army buddy. He’s there to find the Sicario who pulled the trigger and killed his family. The next morning, Ben shows up and has two days off from the CIA. Marco and Liz are also at the breakfast table. They tell him that they have located the killer of his family. They hatch a plan to take out the killer with a sniper shot with a clear line of sight. Reece rejects this idea, which confuses everyone. Why? He wants to come in, it’s the only way. Ben takes him aside and tries to reason with him. Reece tells Ben that his daughter died screaming with her mother, begging him to save her life.

So there it is. Ben and Reece will go, except Liz, Marco and their new Mexican special forces buddy, Aaron, said they would go with him. The new guy even tells him that Reece is doing them a favor by erasing them from the planet. Reece enjoys it, but then he passes out. His tumor is aggressive, possible carcinoma. His friends offer to do the job for him, but Reece insists he has to look them in the eye.

Moments later, and now it’s time to mention Ruth Barrett’s beautiful and evocative score that set the tone for the show’s most moving scenes, Paolo (Patricia De Leon) enters. She tells him that Reece and his daughters were like family but condemns him for bringing his friends into this. It’s an honest moment, one of the best so far because she’s right. Reece puts his family, including his daughter, in danger here. Paolo then tells him never to come back after their mission. When she leaves, he adds “Navajas” to the back of his daughter’s drawing.

When they arrive at the site, in a stunning action sequence, they infiltrate and eliminate more than half a dozen. They find a group of children being held prisoner and Aaron stays with them. Ben and Reece proceed with him, telling everyone to watch out for the sicario with the injured left arm. As they pursue him without killing him, Ben takes a shot in the leg. He’s fine, though. It was a clean shot. Reece catches the killer of his family, and he immediately knows it’s America’s Navy man by the look in his eyes.

Reece ties him up, arms above his head, hanging from a steel pipe. He then does something that I didn’t expect and was incredibly vengeful: he pulls out one of the minor axes, guts the man, pulls out the intestine, and hangs it over the sicario’s head. He cuts it, causing more pain in his stomach. Reece then makes him walk while the intestines continue to fall out, and he ends up bleeding to death.

The San Diego FBI office took over the case to find Reese for killing this assassin, but who was in the car with him. The man who takes over is Tony Layun (JD Pardo), leader of the task force. He finds Katie’s hiding place. Speaking of Katie, the reporter is hiding out in her brother’s lake house. She works on the case and texts Reece to tell him that she thinks every man in her unit has a brain tumor. A while later, Tony and his task force locate her. He informs her of the two corpses, the NCIS agent and the Agnon. She softens a bit and tells him that she doesn’t know where he is, but if she finds out, she’ll let him know.

Steve Horn tries to preserve his agreements now that Agnon has overdosed. This doesn’t look good for investors, including Mike Tedesco (Paul McCrane), who tells him he’s out unless they can get those government contracts. This pushes Steve into overdrive. He approaches Henry, the second in command to the Secretary of State. (Apparently that call he made was not to the senator but to Steve). He pressures him to keep the budget intact.

The end

The show ends with a major revelation. Katie gets a call explaining what Steve Horn has to do with it all. He acquired a majority share of a pharmaceutical company, Nubellum. And they’ve been delivering drugs to all six branches of the federal government for years. They are days away from selling the company for $70 billion. That’s the explanation for Horn trying to push Henry on the budget and calm the waters with Mike. Katie leaves the cottage and Tony follows her.

James says goodbye to Marco and his family. Marco has some money and leaves a bag for her on the plane as a contribution to the cause. Reece gives her his father’s sniper rifle as he did his best on his ranch.

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