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The Terminal List Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Consolidation”

July 2, 2022

This recap of the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1, episode 3, “Consolidation,” contains spoilers.

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The list of terminals summary of season 1, episode 3

Saul Agnon (Sean Gunn) is the new vice president of asset management at Capstone Industries. He is also the man that deceased NCIS Detective Holder told Reece who pays him money for information and covers things up. So, Reece gets in the saddle. He grabs a trusty sniper rifle and a bag of goodies, including hatchets. Many of them. He meets Katie later and tells her what he found. Agnon is part of a company with $60 billion in assets. However, Katie has other news. The medical records she stole show that the CT scan shows Reece has a brain tumor.

That’s when Reece sees someone who looks like a hitman with a long beard and wraparound glasses. They sneak out of the restaurant and head for his car. Reece sees the man in the car behind them, and he’s about to move. Reece accelerates, backs up his SUV and crashes into the sedan. The commander, pretending to be a concerned citizen with a gun in his hand, says, “Sorry mate, didn’t see you there.” That’s when the guy fires a few shots, missing Reece but nearly hitting Katie, and he puts it down. He then searches the car, searches the man’s pockets, and finds an empty wallet. (He does all of this without gloves, by the way). Reece then considers a file, hears sirens, and shows the file to Katie. It is a set of professional success. “Do you still think I’m crazy?” he asks.

The Defense Secretary also wants to redo the budget so the government can institute mandatory limits served in the military, so the country doesn’t burn these soldiers to the knots. Despite the budget set, this could mean readiness figures could be at an all-time high. No worries, though, as Ms Hartley will find acceptable data to back up the numbers. She is then approached by her second-in-command, worried about what this will do to her legacy. She tells him that leaving the country in a better place will be his legacy. The man then leaves and calls for someone to butt them off. But who?

Agnon reports to Steve Horn, the head of Capstone, who just had his own makeshift SEAL training session. It looks like the armed forces type of band. Especially when he tells Agnon to show more respect when talking about Commander Reece. A few minutes before, he had let Horn know that the assassin was dead and that Reece was still alive.

Reece hides out in a motel after sending Katie on her way with the Capstone information. He dreams of being with his wife and hundreds of starlings flying in the windows like the scene in the pilot episode. Reece wakes up to Ben knocking on his door and handing him a burrito. He reports that NCIS launched a BOLO for him. It was then that Reece introduced him to the journalist. He makes sure Reece understands it’s his ass online. Reece tells him he has his back and can go out if he wants. Ben tells him to fuck off. He’s there.

The end

Reece infiltrates Agnon’s house on that golf course and wraps his head in a plastic bag. He passes out and wakes up tied to a chair in his bedroom with a crackling fire. Agnon confirms that he is only the intermediary of Steve Horn, the boss of Capstone. He’s a genius who made his money in technology. Reece asks him how he organized an ambush against a Navy SEAL team in Syria. Agnon has no idea, but he’s a billionaire and has connections everywhere. He also doesn’t know the objective, but he thinks it has to do with the RD 4895 project. He tells Reece that the man who killed his family was, in fact, Sicarios from Mexico, which they can hire because of the company’s oil interest. in this region. Reece then gives her a methadone cocktail and puts her to sleep.

Reece meets Ben later to tell him what he learned. His wife and daughter died because of a business project. Ben wonders why they brought his daughters in there. For one simple reason: people would buy the story of a soldier who goes mad and kills his family. An assassination of Reece would have drawn too much attention to Capstone’s true plan.

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