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The Sandman season 1 – who is Johanna Constantine?

August 5, 2022

This article, “Who is Johanna Constantine”, contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix’s The Sandman.

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Who is Johanna Constantine in The sand man season 1?

Johanna Constantine is a highly respected haunted necromancer and successful occult adventurer. Moreover, it also has a large number of high-end customers, such as the royal family. However, despite having performed many exorcists, she initially dismissed The Sandman’s claims as nothing more than a fairy tale. As she hides the pain of leaving her girlfriend, Rachel, behind, Johanna Constantine compares herself to Roderick Burgess; she also adds that, unlike herself, Rachel is a kind and loving person. And when Rachel dies, Johanna Constantine shows deep emotion at her death.

What does Johanna Constantine do?

Johanna Constantine is seen for the first time in the third episode of The sand man. As she tries to stop a demon from taking a child, Astra, it soon becomes clear that this is just a terrible nightmare. Which Johanna apparently suffers a lot from. Dream or not, Johanna is still a very skilled exorcist. So much so that when the royal family fears the princess has become possessed, they hire Johanna. However, it becomes clear that it is not the princess who is possessed. But rather the famous footballer she is about to marry; Johanna sends the demon, Agaliath, straight back to hell.

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Lord Morpheus finds her because he wants to know what happened to the pocket of sand she bought. But when Johanna claims she sold him, Morpheus forces her to help find him. Johanna says the sandbag is probably with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel. But when they go to see Rachel, Johanna is horrified that Rachel has turned into a shrunken, almost skeletal creature. And without the sand, Rachel will die. But as Morpheus needs it, he takes it from Rachel and allows her to have a peaceful death.

Johanna is very upset by the turn of events. And she tells Morpheus that all he cares about is his own power. Then, with his first story in The sand man finished, Morpheus tells Johanna that she no longer has to worry about her nightmares.

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