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The Sandman season 1, episode 9 recap – “Collectors”

August 5, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman Season 1, Episode 9, “Collectors,” contains spoilers.

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The sand man summary of season 1, episode 9

After catching up on the last episode, Corinthian picked up Jed and is on his way to find Rose.

This episode begins with Rose and Lyta both realizing that their dreams are coming true. Rose weakens the walls between realms, making dreams come true. Lyta admits that she wants to go live in her dreams with Hector and their unborn baby, saying she has a better life in her dreams rather than the waking world. Although their dream world slowly begins to shatter as earthquakes occur in the dream world. We see Lyta’s dream world slowly cracking and shattering due to earthquakes.

Back in the Dreaming, there isn’t much faith in Morpheus to help save and lead the Dreaming, as Lucien has helped so much during his absences. This angers Morpheus, but he realizes Lucien is more than just a librarian and might be able to help him find some answers about what’s going on.

Lucien of course has answers and states that Rose is the cause, the walls are weaker and dreams come true, especially for Lyta, the Dream is disrupted and Morpheus must act.

Corinthian drives Jed to the Royal Empire Hotel in Georgia, for his “work thing”, i.e. the Cereal convention, asking Rose to meet him there. Rose heads straight there, accompanied by her savior in the previous episode, Gilbert, who accompanies her on the journey.

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Falling asleep in the car during the trip, Rose visits Lyta who is heavily pregnant and thinks months have passed when in reality it’s been two hours. Morpheus finds them and states that a ghost cannot escape their fate by hiding in the Dream, and that they must leave as they cause damage to the Dream. Their child was conceived in the Dream, and one day Morpheus will come to claim the baby. Rose gets incredibly angry and threatens Morpheus with her powers.

Rose and Gilbert arrive at the hotel where all the serial killers are having fun and mingling. Gilbert and Rose steal name tags for the Cereal convention and wander around looking for Jed. Gilbert finds out that they are all actually serial killers and as he tries to find Rose to warn her, he sees Corinthian and acts like he recognizes him. Worried and stressed, he rushes out of the hotel, leaving a message for Rose saying he’s sorry and had to go home.

The end

Near the end of the episode, Morpheus is back in the kingdom and Fiddles Green has returned, who turns out to be the friendly giant Gilbert, who lets them know that The Corinthian has gathered worshipers and found Rose Walker.

The Corinthian lures an impostor to the convention until he dies, and while killing him, Jed overhears them, and now the Corinthian and other serial killers are after him. Jed is in grave danger, as is his sister Rose, because they end up at the hotel and a serial killer is after them. Guess who saves them? The marvelous Corinthian.

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