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The Sandman season 1, episode 8 recap – “Playing House”

August 5, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman Season 1, Episode 8, “Playing House,” contains spoilers.

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The sand man summary of season 1, episode 8

The previous episode ended with Jed trying to escape his horrible foster home, but he was captured. Rose dreamed her way into the dream realm with Morpheus.

This episode begins with Rose asking Morpheus what he knows about his brother. He makes her realize that she is a dream vortex, someone who can travel through people’s dreams, and he insists that together they can search for dreams and find Jed.

We finally meet Gault, who is with Jed, and they play superheroes. Jed pretends to be the superhero Sandman who is sent on a mission by his mother (Gault transforms into his mother) but when Jed wakes up he is in a dirty basement, alone, locked up with his adoptive parents who ignore him . Her dreams are her escape from her horrible reality. Is Gault really a nightmare?

Rose tries to find Jed in the waking world, through the foster agency, who won’t tell her, but the foster agency wants to make a house call. Jed is threatened with physical violence if he doesn’t put on a good show for the agency.

We’ve moved on to The Corinthian, doing his usual stealth and now impersonating a reporter with Unity to find more information on Rose. Unity tells him that Rose is in Florida, so we can only guess where he goes next.

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Back at the agency doing the home visit, Jed slips a note into his bag. At least we think he did. Turns out the foster dad is quick and picked up the grade, and is ready to beat the insane Jed. Corinthian, perhaps fortunately, is in Florida and finds the agency employee, asking for Jed’s address. He kills her, gouging out her eyes as usual, but all I want now is for Corinthian to find the adoptive father and gouge out her eyes.

We cut to Rose dreaming, traveling between people’s dreams until she finds Jed’s dream. Where Gault is too, and Jed wants to fight the King of Dreams so he doesn’t lose the shape-shifting Gault as a mother. Now that Morpheus has Gault, he tells Jed to wake up, and when he does, he screams for Rose. The adoptive father prepares his belt, but there is a knock on the door, which distracts him.

The end

Cut to The Dreaming and Gault defends his actions by stating that they want to be a dreamer, someone to inspire, rather than a nightmare. Gault warns those left behind by freedom and turned away by fear. He punishes her by sending her into the dark, a harsh move, as this is where Morpheus begins to lose control, or gains strength and applies more control.

Lyta still lives in her dreams, where her late husband, who now becomes pregnant, is with their perfect home. Lyta wants to stay in her dreams. When she wakes up in the waking world Lyta is pregnant, dreams begin to come true.

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Jed climbs the basement stairs to find the house ransacked, and Corinthian greets him, stating that his sister Rose has sent him to retrieve and rescue him. When Rose finally arrives at the house, bodies are brought out as it is now a crime scene.

The episode ends with The Corinthian and Jed driving off in an expensive car, with The Corinthian saying he can’t wait to meet Rose.

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