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The Sandman season 1, episode 6 recap – “The sound of his wings”

August 6, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman Season 1 Episode 6, “The Sound of His Wings,” contains spoilers.

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The sand man summary of season 1, episode 6

The final episode ended with Morpheus gathering all of his items and winning by being able to rebalance the dream and waking world. Then a final shot shows a woman smiling and saying, “I’m looking at you, big brother,” laughing.

We open to Morpheus feeding the pigeons in the park. He’s still grappling with his feelings about his abduction and imprisonment and reflecting on his journey through the last five episodes. He thought that once he got all his belongings back he would feel good, but instead he just feels nothing, empty.

One of his sisters, Death, is with him and is surprisingly cheerful and kind. We see her take several lives, the first is a nice old man playing the violin. It’s a nice perspective on death and shows how something we fear the most isn’t actually scary at all. Then we see her take someone younger, with a family, and how heartbreaking that can be. Death then takes the life of a young child, probably the hardest of all. Death doesn’t have a pleasant or easy job, a much harder job than Dream’s.

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As there is a death sequence taking multiple lives, Dream’s voiceover speaks to our fears of death and how it’s a gift, and it’s as natural as being born and giving life. Death is about serving humans, and that’s their job. Their purpose is their function and Dream must remember this to continue successfully.

Morpheus leaves his sister and visits a run down pub and the world is turned back in time to when he started interacting with people in the waking world. A man asked for eternal life, and his punishment is so, and Dream comes to visit him every 100 years to see if he is ready for death. Every 100 years we see him living his best life, rich and famous, until he is poor and hungry, and he still wants to live. Very fun and playful scenes, with likable characters, and enough curiosity to make this hour-long episode go by very quickly.

The end

100 years later, we’re in the era of Jack the Ripper, and the man suggests that Dream come back year after year because he needs companionship, not to ask him if he’s ready to seek love. dead. Morpheus is outraged by this comment and they argue, leading to Morpheus leaving, saying he will never come back. In 1989, 100 years later, we learned that the pub was being sold to make new apartments. The reason Morpheus didn’t come was that he was in the glass cage being held captive. Back in modern times, Morpheus finds a pub near the dilapidated old pub where his old friend is waiting for him. With soft and melancholy music, this scene warms the heart.

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The final shot for this episode is again, cutting to the same person at the end of episode 5, but this time we learned that it’s Desire, Dream’s sister with a fierce reputation.

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