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The Sandman season 1, episode 3 recap – “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

August 6, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3, “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” contains spoilers.

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The sand man summary of season 1, episode 3

In the previous episode, we ended with Morpheus heading to the waking world to hunt for his tools.

This episode opens with a woman, Constantine, walking into an abandoned nightclub, where she kicks out a demon but nearly fails, as the demon takes someone close to her, a little girl called Astra. Fortunately it is only a dream. However, in the real world, Constantine is a special type of exorcist, working for high-end clients like the Church of England and Buckingham Palace. In the waking world we watch Constantine perform an exorcism at the princess’s wedding, where her husband expels a demon called Agaliath, whom Constantine banishes to hell.

Morpheus finds Constantine as he believes she has her leather pouch filled with sand. Since she sold it, he insists that they go get the sand. They are quickly interrupted by a crow called Matthew who is now going to be Morpheus’ new Raven sidekick.

We cut to Ethel and John finally having a real, honest conversation. Ethel has lied to John all her life and he will only tell her where the ruby ​​necklace is if she tells him the truth. John suggests that they dream of a world without Sandman, as this ruby ​​can make dreams come true. By protecting himself and the ruby, John killed many innocent people. Ethel gives him the amulet of protection indicating that he won’t need the ruby ​​if he has this amulet.

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Constantine and Morpheus go to Constantine’s ex-girlfriend, where she thinks the sand is. Constantine finds herself in a dream state where she dreams of Rachel, but the reality is that Rachel is in bed, shrunken and in a bad mood, because sand is not meant for humans, and now Rachel will die without it. As he takes it away, Constantine attacks him stating that all he cares about is power and not people in the waking world as he claims. Morpheus helps Rachel die in peace.

The end

We go back to John and Ethel and how the protection amulet kept her alive for over 116 years and she hopes it will keep him alive forever. As she slowly ages and dies in John’s arms, she tells him he doesn’t need the ruby ​​and no one can hurt him now. The guards enter the room and point guns at John, but now he has the power of the amulet. He blasts the guard and his body explodes. Suavely and in pajamas, John slowly walks out of the hospital/jail with a newfound self-confidence and the sadness of a new free man. But who does he meet first? The beautiful Corinthian, who so kindly gives John her coat to keep him warm.

Constantine and Morpheus stand face to face in the rain, as she slowly walks away, he assures her that her nightmare won’t bother her anymore. Matthew, the crow and Morpheus begin their journey through hell.

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