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The Sandman season 1 – Does Lord Morpheus kill Rose Walker?

August 6, 2022

This article, “Does Lord Morpheous Kill Rose Walker,” contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix’s The Sandman.

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After Lord Morpheous escapes the cage he’s been trapped in for nearly a century, he learns that the kingdom he previously called home has now turned to wreckage and ruin. On the path to restoring the world as it was, Lord Morpheous faces many difficult choices. Examples include when he has to absorb Gregory, remove the sand from Johanna’s ex-girlfriend Rachel, and leave her with certain death. But one of the toughest choices he has to make is whether or not to kill Rose Walker. And like the first season of sand man, one question may be on the minds of viewers, will he actually kill Rose Walker or will he find a way to ensure her survival?

The sand man season 1 – Does Lord Morpheous kill Rose Walker?

Lord Morpheous is not a typical hero throughout the first season of The sand man. With a bit more depth than your typical main ‘hero’, there are times when audiences will question Lord Morpheous’ actions. Nothing more than the emotional and tragic death of the dragon Gregory. (Has there been a more heartbreaking moment in the series, I don’t think).

But when Lord Morpheous learns of Rose Walker, a dream vortex, he is soon confronted by her when she enters the dream realm. Although Lord Morpheous initially agrees to help Rose find her brother, who has been missing for years, he ultimately decides he must kill her as he cannot allow the dream vortex to live.

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And in the season finale, The Corinthian even tells Rose that Lord Morpheous intends to kill her. However, Rose isn’t stupid enough to trust the Corinthian, nor does she pay much attention to his claims. But the threat from Lord Morpheous remains, and in the end, Rose’s pregnant friend Lyta thinks Rose is strong enough to kill Lord Morpheous. In the end, Lord Morpheous and Rose have a stalemate, where it seems only one will survive. However, Rose’s grandmother, Unity, a descendant of the dream vortex, persuades Lord Morpheous to kill himself instead, thus saving Rose. So, in the end, Lord Morpheous doesn’t kill Rose, and she’s free to live a happy life. the last time we see Rose, she has written a book which appears in the dream library.

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