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The Rig Season 1 Review – A Mysterious Frenzy-Worthy Thrill Ride

January 1, 2023

The post The Rig Season 1 Review – a mysterious binge-worthy thrill ride appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the Amazon Prime Video series The Rig season 1, which contains no spoilers.

The platform was created by David MacPherson and features familiar faces in Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) and Iain Glen (game of thrones). Is the six-part series worth watching? Let’s dive into it.

Rig Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

The platform follows the story of workers on an oil rig who are about to return home, but a strange fog appears and a supernatural force takes hold of them.

At the start of the first episode, we are introduced to the terrain with some of the personalities aboard the platform. Shortly after, we meet Magnus, who is on the phone trying to get their marching orders as they prepare to head for the mainland. However, in the middle of the conversation, the call connection drops and he misses the last things he is trying to say. Magnus informs the crew that their arrival home has been delayed a bit and that they will have to stay on the rig a bit longer.

As they wait to head to the mainland, this strange fog starts to overcome the platform and strange things start to happen. Then, after a man is killed, Hutton begins to cause mass chaos, including Magnus’ exit and the company’s plans to abandon the rigs. Things keep getting weirder and weirder as people start dropping like flies or getting sick. Everyone begins to wonder what is going on in the world.

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One thing I loved about writing was the story of these characters. You had your top characters who were more into that “main role,” but each supporting character felt like they had a purpose overall. That said, it was a bit of a downside for the series as a whole. I say this because you had nothing to emotionally invest in these characters. Of course, we don’t want anyone to die, but outside of Coake’s big mouth, which I encouraged seeing bite the bullet, I had a hard time hanging on to it. I wanted to take care of the people on the platform more.

Listen, I’m not one to like these styles of supernatural movies/shows. However, the writing team did a great job of building this slow, methodical story that kept you guessing what was happening on the platform. Sure, we know it’s the fog and some kind of supernatural thing that takes over everything, but the when and how was structurally built that paid off big time.

Is The Rig series any good?

The big question is, is the series any good? Yes, but temper your expectations. The platform isn’t revolutionary or anything that will get you out of the water. While some aspects of the story were predictable, I was still invested in seeing how it would all work out. Another thing worth watching is how easy it is to binge. You get six 40-50 minute episodes, making this a one or two sitting watch (depending on how you binge).

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Globally, The platform does many things well while doing some things poorly. It lacks a solid foundation for any emotional connection, but writing this “mysterious creature” keeps you invested. Plus, Iain Glen and Emily Hampshire do a great job of steering the series toward a relevance that makes this mystery thriller watchable. Definitely worth checking out.

What did you think of the Amazon Prime Video series The Rig season 1? Comments below.

The post The Rig Season 1 Review – a mysterious binge-worthy thrill ride appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.