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The Midnight Club season 1, episode 9 recap – “The Eternal Enemy”

October 7, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series The Midnight Club season 1, episode 9, “The Eternal Enemy,” contains spoilers.

In the penultimate episode, the showrunners present some shocking revelations as the series races towards its highly anticipated finale. “The Eternal Enemy” is addressed to the cured patient who Dr Stanton was informed previously. The episode also explores Shasta’s general plans for Brightcliffe and finds time to expand. spencerfurther on, the teenager telling his own midnight tale.

The Midnight Club summary of season 1, episode 9

The previous episode alluded to the identity of the cured patient, with Dr. Stanton revealing the gender of the individual, in the opening moments of episode nine we are shown who the lucky one is. Sandra she is told her body is healing and she can now go home. Stanton clarifies that Sandra no longer has terminal lymphoma. Sandra is completely stunned by this news and doesn’t really know what to say.

Juxtaposing this positive opening, in the following scene, Kevin wakes up from a terrifying dream. The last time we saw him he was walking around the basement and Ilonka has since taken him back to his room. Kevin confesses that he sleepwalks more frequently and finds himself continually waking up in the basement, even ending up in that creepy bed they found there. He admits he has awful visions just like Ilonka. They discuss the appearances of these ghosts that haunt them both. One an old man in the mirror, the other a lady with cataracts.

Ilonka decides to call an emergency meeting to address these concerns. She gathers the members of the Midnight Club and finds amesh in Natsuki‘s bed. This cute little moment is sure to put a smile on your face as the shy teens unknowingly announce their romance to the world. Ilonka brings the gang to the library and explains what she and Kevin have witnessed over the previous weeks. Darling calls this madness for two (a shared delirium), while Spence attributes this shared hysteria to fever dreams and the duo abusing his medication.

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All the other teenagers deny seeing ghosts and Spence reiterates that they need solid proof, the pact was meant to provide undeniable evidence from the afterlife. Ilonka intervenes, explaining that they have proof that the ritual worked. She believes one of us is cured, admitting she suspects it’s her. I love how Ilonka quickly transformed from a logical, star student to this delirious hippie. Here she looks the most unhinged yet as she complains about being spared. The others clearly see that Ilonka has lost her mind, but are unsure how to help her.

Sandra finally reveals that she is the one cured, but it wasn’t a miracle, just a misdiagnosis. The ritual didn’t work. Ilonka retorts that Spence hears voices and again Sandra also stops this supernatural happening. She admits to having orchestrated this farce. She used the intercom to communicate with Spence, doing her best to give him some hope so he wouldn’t lose faith. Sandra apologizes for everything and leaves. Ilonka will follow soon.

Ilonka bumps into Katherine in the lobby and goes after Kevin’s girlfriend. Katherine wanted to thank Ilonka for the great job she did on Kevin’s makeup for prom and asks for directions to the beach. Ilonka goes ballistic, making Katherine cry. Ilonka eventually transformed into her former roommate and is now aggressive and disillusioned just like anya has been. She rushes to break the bad news to Shasta.

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“The Eternal Enemy” is all about revelations and Shasta has his for Ilonka. I had a sneaky suspicion that Shasta was hiding his identity, but this twist completely ignored me. Shasta is Julia Jayne, the hospice patient who was miraculously cured all those years ago. She wants to return to Brightcliffe to perform the ritual once more and save Ilonka’s life. They plot to infiltrate the workhouse the same evening, after the Midnight Club date.

Meanwhile, Mark introduces Spence to his activist friends and later that day, it’s Spence’s turn to tell a story. The library seems unusually empty, but Sandra and Ilonka eventually appear. They both apologize for their previous outbursts and the gang hug Sandra, telling her how happy they are for her. It’s great to see the camaraderie between these teenagers, although Ilonka seems a bit of an outcast now. She apologizes to Kevin and Sandra, then Spence launches into his story.

The end

Spence’s story is about time-traveling robots, reminiscent of many sci-fi films of the era. In his story, lonely student Rel falls in love with a genius tech protege called Christopher. Related Records The Terminator on the VCR and asks Christopher to watch the movie. Unfortunately, he somehow recorded the news instead and this recording predicts the future. They use the tapes for good and save a life, but eventually the whole plot unravels. Rel is actually a cyborg from the future, which Christopher would one day come to create. Rel had a flaw, so Christopher tried to rid future robots of their emotions. Rel concludes that human emotions are not flaws. In the real world, the friend who caused Spence’s illness was called Christopher and he thinks they weren’t flawed, they were perfect together. He concludes by wishing Sandra all the happiness in the world, hoping that she has a bright future for all of us.

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After the story, Ilonka waits until 3 a.m. and invites Shasta to the hospice. Shasta and her three friends take the elevator down to the basement, where they perform the ritual. Ilonka is highly suspicious of Shasta’s strategy. There are no sacrifices and Shasta is the one sitting in the middle, not Ilonka. The women drink an unfamiliar tea, and Ilonka is also offered a cup. She hesitates, while the others drink. Shasta orders her to drink it, but Dr. Stanton arrives just in time, begging her not to. The women then begin coughing and sputtering, collapsing to the floor. Shasta rushes to force Ilonka to drink and she bangs her head against the wall in the process, passing out from the head trauma.

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