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The Midnight Club season 1, episode 7 recap – “Anya”

October 8, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series The Midnight Club season 1, episode 7, “Anya,” contains spoilers.

The Midnight Club begins each of its late-night parties with an invocation, which it sings like an incantation. But there are no vocals in “Anya”. This episode focuses solely on the titular character, who finds herself in a lonely future without her band of loyal friends to rely on.

The Midnight Club summary of season 1, episode 7

Shop magazines put the year at 1997. anya works for some supermarket chain. His life is monotonous and predictable. We are shown her daily routine and her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer again. She gave up the wheelchair for a prosthetic leg and lives her sad little life alone. The only clues to his past come to him at night, at midnight to be more precise. She hears a baby crying and static on the radio. Was Kevinthe voice that speaks to him from another world? If so, she ignores it and repeats the routine from the night before.

During her group therapy sessions, she escapes the ritual, stating that she got a fever from this traumatic event, which nearly killed her but then went to heal her completely instead. It’s called spontaneous regression and it saved her life, but left her completely numb and painfully alone. She barely survives in this future world, but she misses her friends very much. She tries to contact old friend Rhett, though he’s still not over his previous antics and hangs up.

The therapy session that followed confirms what we all feared, the whole gang is dead. The ritual didn’t work for the others, and Anya can’t see a future without them. The therapist tries to comfort her, saying no one is ever really faded away. But Anya thinks that if they were somewhere else, they would have already tried to contact her. She didn’t notice any of the telltale signs. Although strange things are starting to happen, they cannot be ignored.

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Anya sees amesh working on the side in a video game store. He does not recognize her and calls the police. She then spy Natsuki like Becky and Dr Stanton like the police. Anya panics and leaves the building, spotting Sandra leaning against a wall and Natsuki’s zombie schoolgirl. Dusty then arrives and kills Ilonka/Sheila right in front of his eyes. Then she sees Dana in the ballet studio, engaging in her blood sacrifice with the devil. Anya is really losing her mind here and the scene cuts to her modest apartment. Spence is in the tub, outfitted in his Sandra Black scuba gear. Sandra then dramatically shoots Anya and she wakes up in her bed.

The baby starts crying again and blood drips from the ceiling. The blood forms a pool on the surface of the ceiling and the baby manifests inside this pool. The baby transforms into an adult, then into a skeletal figure that leans towards her. There are some gorgeous visuals in this frenetic sequence, which ends with Anya closing her eyes, praying this is all a dream.

The radio crackles and the Midnight Club communicates with her through this device. Ilonka remembers the events that took place after the ritual. Stanton found them in the basement and forbade them from using the library. They were, however, allowed to chat with Anya from the hallway, implying that Anya is in the recovery room. It seems that Anya is in some kind of coma and has been dreaming about this crazy fantasy world. Natsuki reads a story written especially for Anya – prepare, it’s an emotional affair. The story tells of an idyllic happy ending, where the whole gang is cured and lives happily ever after in the suburbs. Anya marries Rhett and has three children, all of whom grow old together. It’s a real tear-jerker meaning what’s to come.

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In reality, Anya is deceased. The janitor cleans the recovery room once again and Ilonka remembers what a firecracker her roommate used to be. It’s a heartbreaking moment, the sudden realization that Anya is dead and the ritual didn’t work at all, instead it backfired horribly and brought about a quicker death. Dr. Stanton is furious with the patient’s actions and plans to throw Ilonka out of the hospice entirely. The roommate then receives Anya’s ashes and a letter addressed to her.

The Midnight Club meet up that evening and Ilonka shows them the box of items and the letter. She reads this letter from Anya, which opens with this invocation: “To those who came before, to us now, and to those who came after. Seen but invisible, here but not here”. Anya calls them her family and asks them to raise an empty glass when she passes away. Ilonka toasts their dearest friend and Dr. Stanton abruptly enters the library. She tells the teenagers that she always knew about the club and let it continue in secret for decades. Stanton orders them all to go to bed, but Ilonka has other ideas.

The end

The gang go to the beach and hold a farewell funeral for Anya. Darling plays Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day on the cello and Ilonka scatters her ashes in the water. Another heartbreaking moment in a stellar episode, one that will leave you with goosebumps.

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But the creators are not done yet. Ilonka stalks Dr. Stanton in the halls of Brightcliffe. The doctor puts Anya’s picture on the wall and then makes a phone call to his office. Ilonka overhears her talking about Anya’s passing and the news that one of the patients may not be terminally ill. Ilonka returns to her room, where she is haunted by a ghost. The ghost pursues her and she locks herself in the bathroom. Another ghost waits in the mirror and Ilonka passes out on the spot. It’s truly the scariest sequence in the series so far and a biting way to end the best entry in the series to date.

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