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The Midnight Club season 1, episode 6 recap – “Witch”

October 8, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series The Midnight Club season 1, episode 6, “Witch”, contains spoilers.

We get two ghost stories for the price of one in “Witch.” Kevin continues his horrific serial killer story, and Ilonka presents a new tale about witches and witchcraft. This narrative is precisely linked to the main event, because anyaHis health deteriorates and the gang tries more desperate strategies to extend his lifespan. The Midnight Club descends into the supernatural as the gang performs an ultimate ritual.

The Midnight Club summary of season 1, episode 6

The first ghost story comes from Kevin, who dives right into his serial killer opus. Poor Dusty is once again placed next to another teenage girl’s bed, ready to bludgeon them to death with his trusty hammer. He kills the girl, then the girl’s brother, who walks into Dusty’s house as he leaves his business card. Silent howling ghosts haunt Dusty at every turn and his creepy mother is there to only add to his woes. There are some nifty scares as his mother demands Dusty kill his next victim.

The Midnight Club analyzes Dusty’s behavior and is saddened by his thirst for bloody murder. Kevin defends his character, explaining how the voices force him to do these heinous acts against his will. Dusty starts dating schoolgirl Sheila, but the mother wants him dead next. Sheila has conducted her own investigation and may be on the verge of unraveling the whole mystery. The gang is frustrated with Kevin’s suspense ending as he teases Sheila’s impending death.

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Ilonka asks to share her own story and the gang gets a double bill. Ilonka’s story, titled “Witch”, is about a family of witches, centering on the teenage girl Imani. She is a naïve young witch learning to perfect her powers. Her mother teaches her to predict the future, although she warns Imani that you cannot change the future, only learn from it. Imani’s mother, a doctor, dies bringing a stranger back from the dead. Imani mourns the death of her mother and falls in love with a boy named Ben. She has a premonition of Ben’s death and tries to change the future, but her fate is already sealed.

Much like Ben is shot in Ilonka’s story, Anya passes out in the real world, landing on the table with a thud. Dr Stanton reveals the next day that Anya is suffering from sepsis and is being treated in isolation. Her infection is contagious, but Ilonka still wants to visit her friend in the recovery room. Dr. Stanton discusses the ordeal of group therapy and begs Ilonka to use this remaining time wisely. She warns him not to waste this time fighting death, when she could instead say goodbye properly. There is great dialogue in this sequence as the real emotions come to the fore.

Ilonka visits Anya, who then wakes up from her sleep, stating that she wants to live. Enraged by Stanton’s cold remarks, Ilonka swears to save Anya and heads into the woods with her diary. There she meets Shasta again and they discuss the healing nature of Brightcliffe. Shasta thinks Ilonka is right and comes up with a ritual to save Anya’s life. Proving his dedication to the cause, Shasta cuts off his hand on the spot, evoking the cult of Paragon.

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The club members are skeptical of this proposal and call Ilonka crazy for suggesting such an idea. Ilonka fights back, adding that they have nothing to lose, they have to try. Kevin enrolls first in the ritual plan and the others follow one by one. He only leaves Sandra, the religious pariah, to make his decision. She complains that the ritual is blasphemous and against all that is pious in the world. Sandra thinks this ritual will lead to dangerous and ungodly creations. Unfortunately, Shasta states that they need five women to orchestrate the ritual with precision, Sandra is vital.

Natsuki speaks with Sandra privately and convinces her to at least bear witness to this event. She agrees to be a spectator, but refuses to participate. That night, Sandra has horrible dreams, in which she watches Ilonka being attacked by hooded cult members surrounding her in the basement.

The end

Ilonka drags Anya out of the recovery room and they head to the basement. In a spooky twist, as Ilonka arrives, she spots a sign on the floor. Written in sheets is the word “not”. It’s a disturbing moment that Ilonka quickly ignores and then keeps completely to herself. The other members descend the elevator and join them for the ritual. They dress in robes, light candles and form a circle with a fire in the center.

The gang sacrifice their most important possessions one by one, stating what the item is and its meaning to them. The objects are then thrown into the fire. They then cut themselves with a knife and also let their blood drip into the open fire. To complete the ritual, each member presses their bloody finger to Anya’s forehead. It’s a sweet and tender exchange, as each shares their story and expresses their undying love for Anya. As the ritual draws to a close, Anya looks up as a dark figure descends on her from the ceiling.

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