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The Love Interest Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

January 18, 2023

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We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 9, which contains spoilers.

It kind of turned into an intriguing love story between two employees who blatantly yearn for each other but, for some reason, can’t communicate with each other. other. You could say that at this point, Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok) are going to harm their partners in the long run. The moral of the story is to be honest. Anyway, let’s recap Episode 9.

Love Interest Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

season 1 episode 9 opens with Sang-su returning home Mid-gyeong. They’re really living the couple’s life now, reading in bed and checking in on each other’s day. However, it should be noted that Sang-su seems disinterested.

Episode 9 then goes to the wedding of a bank colleague (Mr Yang). However, the groom has disappeared; Sang-su and Su-yeong search for him. Sang-su finds him on the roof smoking; the groom is upset that one of his exes wished him a happy future. He clearly hasn’t recovered. The groom is getting married anyway. Then, for the wedding photo, Sang-su and Su-yeong have to stand side by side, as the photographer ordered. At the wedding party, Su-yeong and Sang-su can’t help but stare at each other.

After the wedding, Su-yeong asks Jong Hyeon why he keeps saying “yes” to everything. She doesn’t want him trying to please her constantly and tells him to go study so she can have some private time. Meanwhile, Mi-gyeong finds a notepad of Sang-su, and he scribbled, “Jong-hyeon, Su-yeong, blind date?” She remembers moments between Su-yeong and Sang-su that no longer seem like a coincidence – she now suspects that they love each other.

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Episode 9 moves away from the wedding party; Jong-hyeon is upset that Su-yeong got rid of her piano and her plants – he tells her that he feels small and pathetic since moving in with her. He thinks she got rid of some things because of him and thinks he is disrupting her life. Su-yeong simply asks him if he regrets moving in with her. the silence says it all. Su-yeong gets upset that her attempts to make them work as a couple don’t seem appreciated.

To investigate her suspicions, Mi-gyeong has dinner with Su-yeong; she asks about Sang-su and wonders if he ever flirted with someone at the bank. Su-yeong claims that she knows little about Sang-su and her love life. Mi-gyeong seems to agree with her answer and reiterates that Sang-su is with her and that he likes her. Looks like she convinces herself.

Afterwards, Jong-hyeon apologizes to Su-yeong for being a “useless” person and says he will stay with her in the apartment. At this point, Jong-hyeong fails in his masculinity and becomes less valuable and less attractive. Either way, the couple kiss passionately.

At work, Sang-su learns that Mi-gyeong went out with Gyeongpil from the office. He was her first love. But Sang-su doesn’t have time to think about it because Mi-gyeong invites him to his friends’ house.

And then we get to the part that was vague at the end of Episode 8. Su-yeong is alone in a hotel room; she calls Jong-hyeon and tells him she’ll be at her friend’s house, a blatant lie. She opens her hotel room, but then she cuts to Sang-su meeting Mi-gyeong’s friends. He wasn’t heading for Su-yeong’s hotel room. Su-yeong wants time for herself away from Jong-hyeon.

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After meeting Mi-gyeong’s friends, Sang-su receives a surprise gift from her – a brand new car. She gave him a new suit and a car in one day. Sang-su is uncomfortable with expensive gifts. Mi-gyeong wants him to accept the gifts, but it looks like she’s trying to buy his love. Sang-su has no interest in continuing the conversation and heads home.

As he walks home, Sang-su bumps into Su-yeong; they are surprised to see each other on the street. The same awkwardness that we saw in the last episodes continues. So many unspoken words.

Afterwards, Mi-gyeong asks Sang-su if it’s time for her to see her mother. Meanwhile, Su-yeong decides to have a serious talk with Jong-hyeon — she asks about the bruises on his face, but he doesn’t want to talk about it until he reveals he had a fight with a friend. when he’s gone for a few days. He then reveals that he failed the exam again. He is a character who constantly fails and loses confidence. Su-yeong tries to save him at this point, and Jong-hyeon is frustrated.

Flashbacks show Jong-hyeon fighting his friend because he told him that his “girlfriend gives him everything.”

The ending explained

As we near the end of Episode 9, Su-yeong and Sang-su are invited to attend a VIP client’s funeral. Gyeong-pil makes Mi-gyeong anxious that Su-yeong and Sang-su are going to a funeral together.

At the funeral, Sang-su remembers his father and shares with Su-yeong how he felt as a child. Su-yeong seems touched by her words and her vulnerability. Su-yeong takes this opportunity to be vulnerable as well and talks about her brother’s death. On the way home, Su-yeong tells Sang-su that he didn’t get a job at HQ because he stood up for her and wonders if he regretted it. He tells her that he would have regretted it more if he hadn’t defended her against Mr. Yuk.

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They decide to get off the train early and head to the beach, extending their time together. For the first time in many episodes, Sang-su and Su-yeong seem happy. Sang-su told Su-yeong that he wanted to go to the beach with her on Jeju Island (when they met a client), and he wished he had been clearer at the time.

Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she feels like it’s too late and they should go home. Once again, Sang-su gets a closed Su-yeong. As they continue to drive home, Su-yeong thanks Sang-su for the good time and says she hasn’t laughed in ages. Sang-su asks Su-yeong if she is happy. she sits in silence as Sang-su waits for an answer.

The train is coming. Su-yeong asks Sang-su if she should break up with Jong-hyeon.

The answer is yes, she should, but whether or not Sang-su tells her the truth remains unanswered by the end of Episode 9.

Episode 9 gets better with each episode, delivering a tantalizing love story between two lost souls.

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