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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7 recap – “The Eye”

October 7, 2022

This recap of the Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7, “The Eye”, contains spoilers.

power rings season 1, episode 6 resulted in some of the show’s most compelling action to date. Episode 7, the penultimate episode of the series, is more thoughtful. We’re largely left with the fallout from the events of Episode 6, and it looks like Episode 7, “The Eye,” is more of a build-up to what we hope will be an explosive season finale. However, there’s still plenty of content in this slower-paced episode, so let’s get to it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7 recap

Galadriel wakes up, covered in ashes. She gets up and examines the damage caused by the volcano to the village. The villagers lie around her, dead, and the village burns. The queen regent leads an attempt to rescue the surviving villagers from a burning house before it collapses. As the survivors are cleared, the roof collapses, trapping Isildur on the inside.

The Harfoots continue their journey and as nori and his family catches up with the rest of the caravan, they find that the rest of their tribe has stumbled upon the burnt-out hollow of a settlement. Sadoc laments that a great evil has awakened. Maybe they could ask the stranger to help?

The Stranger studies a tree, mumbling under his breath in a language no one understands. He seems to experience a surge of power, just then the force of his power snaps a tree branch which lands on a little girl. Nori dives on her to protect her. The Harfoots look at the Stranger with fear and horror.

Elrond has an audience with King of the Dwarves and attempts to negotiate access to the Mithril. He pleads with the king but first the king wishes to speak with Durin. The king has decided to close the mine completely, he considers the whole enterprise too dangerous. He will not risk the lives of the Dwarves to save the Elves.

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Durin is forced to break the news to Elrond, who, given that the fate of his entire race hangs in the balance, is actually quite amiable about the whole thing. They part on good terms, as Elrond leaves he hands Durin the piece of Mithril he gave him who in turn uses his mystical power to restore a leaf sitting on the table, foreshadowing how the Mithril can save the Elves. Durin reminds Elrond; clearly, he intends to defy his father’s order.

Galadriel and Theo discuss the fate of the village, with Theo bent on bloody revenge against the Orcs. Galadriel calms him down, perhaps displaying emerging wisdom and a cooling of his temper. They go in search of survivors.

Elendil welcomes the Queen Regent to the woods and shares the news that the house has collapsed on Isildur. Elendil escorts the queen to the makeshift encampment, and we discover that in the chaos, she has lost her sight. She begs Elendil to keep this a secret and they continue.

Sadoc gives the Stranger some hints about the “big ones” who might know more about where he can find his stars. It looks like he’s been gently banished from the trailer and when he’s ready to leave, Nori shows him one last kindness and gives him an apple to take on his travels.

Galadriel and Theo compare the losses. Galadriel tells Theo how she lost her husband Celeborn to the Orcs. Both bear the burden of being at fault for the hilt to fall into the wrong hands. Galadriel warns him that carrying the burden too long will make it difficult to put it down once again.

Durin and Elrond have started mining Mithril, the mine is unstable and threatens to collapse at any moment. The two share a good bonding moment when Elrond reveals that he lost their contest on purpose. Durin gets back to work and discovers a leaflet in the mine full of Mithril. The moment they make this discovery, they find themselves bothered by the king, who immediately has Elrond banished.

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The King sits with Durin and tells him that since he was a baby, he has suspected greatness lies within him. Durin retorts and tells his father that Elrond is like a brother to him and that he betrays the future of the Dwarves with his caution.

Nori wakes up to find that the orchard that was completely burned is green again and teeming with fresh fruits and vegetables. The Stranger, it seems, managed to do some good after all. While fetching water, Poppy notices a potential threat, in the form of a big step. She drops her bucket of water and runs. The bucket runs down the river and is picked up by three strange figures dressed in capes and strange armor. They don’t look friendly.

Our creepy-looking new strangers inspect the tree The Stranger saved earlier and go after it. Nori, watching this interrupts them and tries to send them in the wrong direction. Nori’s father comes to her rescue and threatens the new gang of evil strangers. They react by burning their colony to the ground.

Theo and Galadriel arrive at the camp. Theo finds the medical tent and sees how much pain and suffering has been caused. He scans, looks for his mother. As he bends down to check one of the bodies, he hears a voice. It’s his mother Bronwyn and not only that, but Arondir is also alive. Galadriel appears and asks for the Queen Regent.

Elendil sits down with the now blind Queen Regent and informs her that they are ready to return to Numenor. Galadriel approaches and kneels before the queen. The Queen seems more determined than ever to protect the Southlands. They will depart and return in force, as much as it causes tremendous pain to grieving Elendil.

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The end

The Harfoots once again clean up the devastation, when all seems lost, Nori’s father, Largo, gives a rousing speech to rally the sick Harfoots, and you can see where Nori’s spirit comes from. Nori, inspired, declares that she will go in search of the Stranger. She will be joined in her adventure by the rest of her family and Saddoc.

Galadriel and Arondir discuss their next steps. Galadriel will go to the High Elf King and discuss what they should do. As they hatch their plans, Brownyn wants to know what they should do with Halbrand. Halbrand has been injured and needs the help of elven medicine to recover. He will ride with Galadriel and they will return to lead the Southlanders.

Durin sits with Disa and they console each other. Disa stirs her husband with a speech reminding him that he will soon be king, and when he is, they will dig for all the Mithril they want.

The king, alone in the cave where Elrond and Durin were digging, finds the restored leaf and throws it into the mine. It floats all the way to the bottom, in the path of the Balrog.

Adar addresses his Orcs following his victory, they salute him and he declares that the Southern Lands will henceforth be known as Mordor.

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