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The Longest Night season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

July 8, 2022

This recap of The Longest Night season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers, including a discussion of the ending of The Longest Night.

The end of The longest night begins with, of all things, a lone supervillain montage, as we get a clip of Simon, in his immaculate home, boiling two eggs for breakfast and eating them at the table, all delicate. The cycle repeats several times. Eventually, however, he inexplicably plunges his hand into the boiling water and stabs the woman who is bandaging her hand to death, just in case you need a reminder of who exactly this guy is.

The Longest Night Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

It’s just that the finale starts here because there’s still so little we don’t know about Simon. We don’t know what he has on whoever is pulling the cops’ strings outside. His “friends” who kidnapped Laura don’t seem to know anything about him. The news of this kidnapping even sows dismay among the cops, who did not anticipate the development and do not want an innocent young girl to be killed as part of their crusade.

Simon covers for Hugo, claiming he pushed Montes off the roof at the end of the previous episode, so the director is free, for now, to try and stage his next misguided operation to save the day. Meanwhile, the prisoners debate a different kind of freedom. Cherokee leads them through her pre-dug escape tunnel. Some don’t want to risk it. Others, like Nuria and Javi – who we learned in a previous episode was a trans man, and who we learn in this one killed six people for almost no reason – feel they have little the choice. The attackers are about to break through the red block and, presumably, kill anyone they find inside.

The question becomes whether everyone can be saved. Hugo is already deeply committed now, but for the call to save Laura to work, they need to be able to hear Simon’s voice. This means that Simon can’t be captured by Lennon and his crew, even if Bastos agrees to let them in to spare any further bloodshed (and provided his records are expunged, even if we also learn it’s Hugo who denounced him in the first place.) In a clever sequence, Hugo propels a car through the maintenance tunnels while the cops pursue him. He’s heading for the roof, and at the same time, we’ve been back and forth with Laura’s captors debating whether to kill her as the deadline is reached. They are also victims, after all, and are just trying to protect their loved ones. Rosa wants to pull the trigger, but her husband talks her out of it. Well, almost. But just as Rosa is about to pull the trigger, the phone rings. Hugo tells them that Valentina is waiting for them. He made the deadline.

But at this point, Laura begins to have what feels like a heart attack. Lending context to the repeated flashbacks we’ve seen throughout the episodes of Laura having a similar attack in a swimming pool and Hugo rushing her to the hospital, it looks like Laura is suffering from a heart condition. She appears to be dying as Hugo screams and we cut back to six hours earlier.

The longest night is ending

In a brief scene, Rosa’s daughter is seen being kidnapped and Rosa being left with a small package containing various syringes, a gun, and a phone. This is exactly around the time Simon’s arrest is announced on the news.

In the present moment, Lennon catches up with Hugo on the roof and basically blames him for all the carnage, saying that if he had just told her about Laura’s kidnapping, they could have solved everything together. Instead, Hugo’s disappointments led to everything that followed, which seems like a pretty one-sided take on the situation if you ask me. But as the sound of sirens begin to sound into the night, Hugo reveals that he called the cops to report an armed group attacking the prison, but never clarified that they were cops themselves or that they were looking for Simon. He and Lennon can still negotiate. Lennon tells Ruso to seal the block, with a hodgepodge of guards and inmates sheltering inside.

And then the show just… ends, more or less, with almost nothing resolved, and instead several lingering subplots still very much in play. Manuela, for example, finds Espada alive and well, and Simon saves Elisa from one of the cops. In the very last scene, as Lennon and Hugo are talking on the roof, Lennon explains how since no one knew Simon was going to be in Baluca, he had to get help from someone. And the camera pans to an image on Rosa’s coat, which includes her and her husband, the long-haired man we’ve seen getting phone calls all season, and… Hugo himself?

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to assume here – that people Hugo knows are responsible, or that Hugo himself is with them, and that he revealed Simon’s location. This finale leaves so much unanswered that the show is actually more complex now than it was at the start and we literally knew nothing, and the lack of resolution hurts the final product. If we don’t see a green-lit second season, we won’t see any sort of ending. And that would be such a shame for an otherwise enjoyable thriller.

You can stream The Longest Night season 1, episode 6 exclusively on Netflix.

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