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The Longest Night season 1, episode 4 recap – most people’s needs

July 8, 2022

This recap of The Longest Night season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers.

If the previous episode was about Cherokee taking over the prison, this one is about him realizing that his new position comes with considerable responsibilities. With Ruso’s crew venturing further into the facility, staff and inmates, but especially Hugo and Cherokee as the apparent leaders of each faction, must work together, which is complicated by the presence of Simon and Nuria revealing that he is the one that Ruso and co. really want.

The Longest Night Season 1 Episode 4 Summary

In the meantime, Laura managed to get herself recaptured after nearly making a successful escape. This means that Simon still has leverage over Hugo, which proves increasingly problematic as the stakes rise. Elisa, who is trapped in another part of the prison, reminds Hugo how many people have already died – and how easy it would be to prevent more deaths. And Montes tries to conspire with Bastos to secretly give himself up to Simon. Hugo quickly runs out of allies.

And the allies he has aren’t really allies at all. Cherokee agrees to lead the prisoners to fight alongside the guards since Ruso and his friends – who turn out to be cops – will kill them all if they get inside, but if it comes down to sacrificing lives , he will trample the guards to make sure the prisoners are freed.

The big fight between everyone and Ruso’s henchmen is brutal and biting stuff. And that also raises an interesting question. If Hugo has ever authorized such carnage to protect Laura, isn’t he far from the point of redemption? What else would he be willing to allow? How many more prisoners could he free, and what could he let them use their freedom for? His desire to protect his daughter is understandable, but ultimately the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few. This will soon become important.

In the aftermath of the fight, there is a degree of jubilation, with Cherokee and Manuela getting their little romantic moment, and Willy and Elisa returning to the group with Ruso’s wife held hostage. Oddly enough, Cherokee recognizes her, though we don’t know where she’s from in this episode. Hugo and Simon pump Ruso for info since the latter wants to know who arranged all this and what the stakes are. But the prisoner does not have time to break, since Montes takes the opportunity to hold Simon at gunpoint. Even after Hugo shares that his daughter was kidnapped, she still handcuffs him and takes Simon away herself. Like Elisa, she considers the cost of living too high at this point.

At the end of the episode, Montes takes Simon for the transfer, hoping that this action will end any bloodshed.

You can stream The Longest Night season 1, episode 4 exclusively on Netflix.

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