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The Longest Night season 1, episode 3 recap – the balance of power

July 8, 2022

This recap of The Longest Night season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

You’ll recall that the emergency services arrived at the end of the previous episode, and those unfortunate first responders are dealt with pretty much immediately at the start of this one. Ruso and his team aren’t keen on killing everyone they come across, but they can’t reveal their identities either, and the firefighters have seen their faces. So they have to leave, and the body count increases a bit more.

The Longest Night Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

A pattern is emerging. Just like in the previous episode we got a few snippets of Manuela’s backstory, here we get a glimpse of Cherokee, a lifelong criminal who strives to emulate her equally lawless father. But he’s also somewhat protective of Manuela, who is being bullied and manipulated by other prisoners because of a debt she owes, and he’s clearly smart enough to have engineered – and nearly completed – a jailbreak. . When he learns that Guille and Alicia have been taken away by a pedophile, he is immediately dismayed and works to get them back, even if it’s to use them as leverage, them being the warden’s children and all.

Speaking of Hugo’s children, he and Montes are also looking for them, and during their search, they come across one of Ruso’s men – or women, more specifically. At gunpoint, she reveals that Ruso and co. I want Simon to stop her from testifying, even if exactly what he would have to say, she hasn’t been made aware. The bad news is that Simon is missing. The worst news is that Cherokee manages to take over a good part of the prison and get Guille and Alicia back with their babysitter, Rey. He therefore holds all the cards.

Changing the balance of power like this creates an interesting new dynamic as we reach the middle of the season. Cherokee has essentially been promoted to the role of main antagonist, at least temporarily – Simon remains a much more real threat, especially since he has no obvious weakness in the way Cherokee’s fondness for Manuela threatens to overthrow him. But we get tense sequences like Cherokee threatening to drive a hammer through Guille’s skull, and new interpersonal conflicts to navigate. As the situation in the prison grows increasingly untenable, Hugo’s insistence on not handing Simon over becomes a less defensible position, and in due course those he perceives as his allies risk becoming his enemies.

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