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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 9 recap – “The Uncanny Valley”

May 13, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Episode 9, “The Uncanny Valley,” contains spoilers.

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Lincoln’s lawyer summary of season 1, episode 9

Maggie is still trying to pin Soto to the wall. They set up one of his henchmen, but it failed. Maggie wants Haller to convince his pregnant girlfriend and McFierce’s cooperating mole/witness to wear a wire. It must happen within ten hours or not okay. Mick tells him that nothing can happen with the Elliott trial. So, Maggie offers to talk to him for him. Mickey is taken back. I mean, let a prosecutor talk to his client without him being there? Maggie then tells him that if he wants her to trust him, he has to start trusting her. (Yeah, I wish my lawyer would put my life on the line so he could earn points with his ex-wife).

Let’s go back to the Elliott case. Mickey can’t convince him not to take a stand. When he gets up there, Trevor is served softballs but makes startling revelations to the jury – that he knew about the affair, and he admitted to having affairs, and finally, he admitted to having had relations with his wife the day before his death. And yada-yada-yada, he loved her and would never kill her, etc. Oh, and he managed to shed a few tears.

Unfortunately for the Haller and Elliott team, Golantz is never unprepared. He hammers Elliott question after question about his intentions that day. For example, he told police he would surprise his wife on a trip to the coast to tone down the fight. So why did he have a calendar full of meetings that morning? His cameras at home had been turned off. Does that mean he saw this and knew he would find Jan with his wife? Trevor insists he has no firearms training, but the in-game weapon that Laura’s character wields is the same gun that killed her.

There was one question that we hadn’t discussed yet. If Trevor knew his wife contacted his friend, Sonya Patel? That’s when we notice Elliott rubbing his right leg, something we learned during jury selection. Trevor says he didn’t know. Mickey sees the tell. When Golantz is done with the witness, Haller has a chance to redirect but doesn’t. Did Mick choose not to because he knew that if he redirected his client, he would be setting up his client to break the law on the witness stand?

Long story short, the jury acquits Trevor Elliott. Why? His testimony was prejudicial, but Haller’s closing arguments reduced the prosecution’s weaker argument. Haller says his client didn’t have time. He broke it down with simple algebra with irrefutable evidence by the prosecution that left Trevor only seven minutes to murder the couple, clean himself up, and dispose of the gun and bloody clothes. Golantz’s closing arguments consisted of cheap emotional shots of the dead.

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The problem is that while waiting for the Jury, Cisco discovered that the story of the Russian thug investing in the company was bullshit. However, it wasn’t until Mickey visited Wyms in the hospital that he set him up. Trevor was on the phone during the video. He didn’t check emails. Mickey assumes he used the drone to pull out the evidence that is probably on the bottom of the ocean. But why? Well, Haller understands that too. His client was not worried about his wife leaving him. He was afraid that she would tell Sonia a secret.

Remember say it? Where Trevor rubs his leg? He did this while talking about Sonia on the stand. Laura was the genius, not Trevor. She invented the little piece of code that took the company to the next level. He was afraid that Laura would expose this and prove that she was the genius and the worthy owner of the company.

Trevor mocks Mickey. He even laughs at him. And offers him a bribe, even though Mickey can’t say anything about it. Interestingly enough, Trevor doesn’t admit to killing Jerry, but if you think about it, he was acquitted for the Laura and Jan rumor, not Jerry. So he should keep his mouth shut.

The end

Haller is now going home. He is disgusted with himself. He can’t live with an innocent who goes to jail. I can’t imagine how it feels to help a murderer walk, no matter what his father told him when he was a kid.

He gets a call from the cops. Izzy was found in the Griffith Park gazebo. She’s passed out in her car, stoned, and the cops call her lawyer. If he doesn’t pick it up, they’ll have to process it. He assures them that he will be there in 15 minutes. When he arrives, Mick finds no one. He was then hit on the head.

A man standing in front of him looks suspiciously like juror number seven.

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