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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 2 recap – “The Magic Bullet”

May 14, 2022

This recap of Season 1, Episode 2 of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer, “The Magic Bullet,” contains spoilers.

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Lincoln’s lawyer summary of season 1, episode 2

Izzy asks Mick if he wants her to lose him? She says she can because it works in Grand Theft Auto. I don’t know what car they drive, but it’s a Lincoln SUV, so that’s supreme product placement. (Something tells me that Lincoln is sponsoring the whole show). She corners, speeds up, makes an illegal U-turn, and loses what looks like a government vehicle. Mick sees the same SUV parked outside his house when he returns home that evening. He visits Judge Holder the next day to sign an order allowing the police to examine Jerry’s “specific” records because he believes his life may now be in immediate danger.

It seems Lincoln’s lawyer may be a partially episodic series depicting a new client of Jerry Vincent’s each episode, as well as the season-long Trevor Elliott affair. This time it’s Terrell Coleman, a man who was arrested for pushing a police officer. It turns out that Terrell claims he didn’t push them at all. The cop, Maurice, pushed him, and he doesn’t like Terrell because he stole his girlfriend in high school. Meanwhile, Mick’s daughter, Hayley, proves she’s her mother’s daughter. She asks Izzy why she made time since Mick only hires his clients as drivers. This proves, I suppose, that she is a prosecutor at heart, thinking that everyone is guilty. (I mean, or racist. Let’s hope she’s not).

Lorna finally admits to Mick that she is involved with Cisco (I don’t understand this attraction). Cisco visits Jerry’s former private eye. He won’t tell Cisco and Mick watches an independent video of Elliott’s arrest. He was hoping for a gap between the video and the report, but nothing. Why was Jerry going to admit this video as evidence? I’m sure they’ll find out at some point. However, Lorna is a bureau chief/private detective. Cisco sends Lorna to spy on the co-owner of the yoga studio partly owned by the murdered man in Elliott’s house. Of course, they discover that Jerry had already spoken to him and that the man was sleeping with several students.

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District Attorney Jeff Golantz, who’s trying the case, has had a few dates with Maggie, so we’ve got some grandstanding. He asks for a delay and tells the judge that Mick is a former drug addict. Mick was going to ask the judge for an extension, but Elliott cut him off. He wants a quick trial because he has a deal to sell his business to cement his legacy. Otherwise, the deal will not go through and he will really have lost everything

The end

Mick sees Terrell’s sentence downgraded to selling t-shirts without a license after the cop clears his throat to point out he’s lying to the DA.

Jerry’s former assistant tells Mick he had a “magic ring” that would blow the deal up.

Mick heads to his office, the Lincoln, with Izzy to think. As they begin their journey, it becomes clear that whoever chased them in the black SUV has bugged Mick’s beloved Lincoln.

All we see is a hand typing on a laptop, listening to Izzy and Mick talk.

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