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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

May 13, 2022

This recap of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 10, “The Brass Verdict” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Lincoln’s lawyer recap of season 1, episode 10 – the ending explained

Mickey holds on but gets his ass kicked by McSweeney. Or, as we know him best, juror number seven. He’s about to be thrown out of the canyon when Detective Griggs and his friends show up. When McSweeney throws his hands up, Haller kicks him in the stomach. He stumbles backwards and falls to his death.

Lorna meets Gloria Dayton, the prostitute who could prove Menendez’s innocence, at the hotel. Lorna tells him how she dropped out of law school because one of her professors sexually harassed her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have it and leaves. But it must have worked because she arrives at Haller’s office. Mickey and Lorna interview him. She explains that a vice-cop, Linda Perez, visited her at the hotel where Mickey put her up the day before her testimony. The officer told her that if she testified, she would be charged with intent to distribute cocaine, as she was allegedly caught in a bust where she worked for a party with drug dealers.

Haller, clearly looking to mend fences and his recently doubled bad conscience, runs to Detective Griggs. He wants him to answer questions not only about Perez, but also Detective Kyle Winters. It’s about this one, you see. The one who is not guilty but in prison. Haller tells his “enemy” that Perez was denied a promotion twice, but Winters had to do it when he had him bully his best man. Quid pro quo or not, Griggs quickly tells her that he’s not investigating the cops.

So since Griggs reported Haller, he has to report someone. He visits Trevor and tells him that if anything happens to him or his family, he wrote down everything Elliott did, and it will come out. The murderer tells Mickey he must be paranoid. He had nothing to do with it, and he should tell someone. He then leaves to advertise his company, Parallax Games. A minute after his announcement, Carol Dubois, one of the many women Jan was sleeping with, shot Trevor Elliott twice in the chest.

Game over.

Gloria Dayton testifies for Mickey that the man who assaulted her told her that he was the one who killed Martha then. The man was not Jesus Menendez. The facts are that the man was left-handed and had a Japanese script tattoo on his left arm – Mickey’s client is not left-handed or has a tattoo. Oh, Mick isn’t done. He calls Perez to the stand. She testifies that she was camping with her family at Big Bear. So why is she on the videotape at the voter service hotel where Gloria was staying?

We call that lying, folks.

Perez takes a break with his attorney. She later admits that she went to the hotel and testified that a fellow cop asked her to because Menendez was guilty. Except when it was time to report the Man in Blue, it wasn’t Winters but Detective Lankford, the man who helped Maggie lock Soto up. Haller looked so sick when he went to Maggie’s office after talking to Griggs. He knew it would hurt their new relationship.

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Well, he was right. She arrives at Haller’s office later and blames him for ruining her business. Not because he was a career breaker, but because now Soto can break free and continue trafficking young women. Maggie tells him that she won’t get over it anytime soon. Mick, looking devastated, tells him he’ll wait. She said to him, “Please don’t. I mean, she was right. When Robert Cardone is now in office, a few weeks later he kills the Soto case and gives Maggie “highway therapy” (a term therapists use to soothe and ease their fears – Cardone eases the fall).

It doesn’t matter, because Maggie called the U.S. Attorney’s office, and they arrested Soto after the local state case was thrown out.

The end

And now I take my victory lap when Haller makes one last visit to Judge Holder’s office. She knew how to rig the jury summons system. She and her defense attorney husband know how to groom a juror (in this case, McSweeney), to groom him so a prosecutor doesn’t remove juror number seven. What gave her away was the anonymous note that he sent to Judge Stanton. He spoke with co-workers, and since she was his boss, it made sense that she was the one who told McSweeney to leave town. The judge also hired McSweeney to kill Haller (it wasn’t Elliott!), and he was a former client of her husband’s. Finally, she was the one who hired the “shady” IP company to put the bug in her car.

When Mick is finished confronting Holder, he walks out and Griggs enters, ready to perform his public service.

And that player that Haller used while talking to Izzy throughout the season? They were on their way to see Menendez released from state prison.

Finally, Maggie quits her job. Lorna enrolls in law school. Mick gets back on that horse and goes surfing. But, looking at him is a man who we only see from behind, but who has this tattoo with Japanese writing that Gloria testified about.

The man who killed Martha.

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