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The Hunters season 2 episode 2 recap – how do they plan to capture Adolf Hitler?

January 13, 2023

The post Hunters Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – how do they plan to capture Adolf Hitler? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Prime Video Hunters Season 2 Episode 2 series, “Buenos Aires”, which contains spoilers.

In Hunters Season 2everyone is after adolf hitlerwho is still very much alive in the 70s and lives under a new identity in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jonah (Logan Lerman) and the gang comes together to hunt down this most hated villain, but there are others looking for the Führer at the same time. “Buenos Aires” functions as the Hunters’ first mission on their journey to uncover Hitler’s hidden location. It’s a thrilling episode, full of fun double-crosses and fast-paced espionage.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The hills come alive to the sound of music and Sister Harriet dances in the mountains with a perfect family of children, paying homage to this specific sixties musical. She’s deep undercover in Austria, posing as a loyal nanny so she can get closer to the Nazi Rolf Von Klaussen. As soon as she returns to the family home, she makes her move, flirting and then threatening the murderer at point-blank range. She holds a knife to her chest and demands to be told Hitler’s current whereabouts, but he plays dumb instead, denying any knowledge of such things. Without delivering any vital information, Sister Harriet murders the man in front of her entire family.

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We then catch up Millie and Jonah, who have just been reunited for the first time in two years. Jonas confesses to killing Biff Simpson and informs the FBI agent of Biff’s final revelation – Hitler is still alive and living in South America. Millie doesn’t believe it, but Jonah comes up with the idea himself. He has done his research and thinks Nazi financier Klaus Rhinehart was involved in Adolf’s smuggling scheme and Eva (The Colonel) to Buenos Aires. Jonah convinces Millie to help him find Hitler, persuading the agent to talk about fighting for real justice. Millie agrees to his request, but she thinks they’ll need some extra help first.

Cue a montage as we reunite the old gang again. Millie and Jonah visit actor Lonny Flash (how i met your mother Josh Radnor), which promotes its latest film and which is fortunately still pretentious. Lonny punches Jonah in the face, before he even makes his proposal. Then the gang resumes Roxy Jones, who paints fakes in Marseilles; Mindy from New York and Sister Harriet from Vienna.

Meanwhile, more flashbacks follow Meyer in 1975. He burns the letter he received in the previous episode, the one that spoke of his true Nazi identity. It’s a visual indicator that Meyer is advancing, but the paranoia remains. He sees a brave employee named Joe struggling at his company and takes him under his wing. Meyer is currently seeking Nazi guard Viktor Frondheim and needs Joe’s help. It works like the backstory of how Joe Mizushima came to join the gang.

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Fast forward to 1979, and the gang boards a plane and heads to Argentina. Jonah points out that this will be their last mission together, to make all previous missions worthwhile. If they can find Rhinehart, then he’ll lead them straight to Hitler. Once they capture Hitler, all their problems will disappear and they will finally be able to move on with their lives. They plan to kidnap Rhinehart when a grand opera reopens.

The Hunters aren’t the only ones heading to Argentina, however. Travis Leich (Greg Austin) is also in the country; it was specifically requested by the Colonel herself. As he enters the fortified compound, he is greeted by former Hunter Joe, who now works for the Führer. Travis laughs hysterically upon discovering that Joe is now working for the enemy. He asks if they experimented on him or if he is faking it. We then see flashes of Joe being tortured and experimented on. Maybe Joe isn’t faking it after all, maybe he’s been irreversibly changed. Travis meets the Colonel. She complains about how Adolf has wandered off; she is now the one who retains power for the Nazi Party. The Colonel needs Travis by his side, because he’s the only one who sees his true potential.

The ending explained

At the Opera, our band of brave heroes are all dressed up for the occasion. Their entry into the building is very reminiscent Inglourious Basterds, another story about offending Hitler. Jonah works undercover as a locker room employee, while Millie follows Rhinehart to her sitting area. Sister Harriet is in the audience, while Lonny wanders backstage. I love Lonny’s character, by the way, every move, every interaction is just hilarious.

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The gang soon gets caught up in at least one or possibly two adjacent sting operations. Lonny fights an enemy attacker backstage, as does Jonah. Millie tries to capture Rhinehart, but the old man fights back. Millie is then attacked by a masked man and injected with a sedative. Lonny is also knocked out by the same masked man. Jonah fights with the assassin and manages to remove the killer’s mask. But then Sister Harriet double-crosses her old friend, holding a gun to Jonah’s head. Is she now working for the enemy, or is it just an elaborate scam?

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The post Hunters Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – how do they plan to capture Adolf Hitler? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.