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The Greatest Beer Run Ever ending explained – has Chickie found meaning in life?

September 29, 2022

This article is about the Apple TV+ movie The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2022) ending and will contain spoilers.

The journey to the heart of The greatest beer race of all time sees John ‘Chickie’ Donohue (Zac Efron) bring a sports bag full of beer to Vietnam to personally deliver to friends fighting in the conflict. While the film begins with Dickie very pro-war and somewhat dismayed by the negative coverage of the American media, by the time the film comes to its final stretch, the character has had his eyes opened to the realities of the situation and the complexities of the conflict and greatly changed his attitudes in many ways for the film’s poignant conclusion.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever ending explained

On returning from Vietnam and his beer tour, Chickie is clearly somewhat haunted by his time there. Back at the bar he frequents with his friends and which is owned by the Colonel (Bill Murray), they ask Chickie about his trip, clearly anticipating the tale of a fun adventure but are somewhat taken aback by the more isolated and contrary nature. from Chickie. tone to the colonel’s attempts to simplify any conversation about the conflict.

Somewhat overpowered, Chickie visits her friend Tommy’s mother to return a pair of rosaries she had given him at the start of the film in hopes of returning them to Tommy, who had gone missing in action. She tells Chickie that she’s proud of him for going out to support his friends and those in the neighborhood, but he tells her he feels guilty for Tommy’s death and his enlistment, telling her that he convinced Tommy to leave after expressing doubts. As he collapses in front of her, she gently hugs him.

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Chickie then returns to the park, which was the site of an anti-war demonstration at the start of the film, where Chickie had started a fight with protesters. There he meets his sister, who berates him for making her and her parents worry about him. She asks him if he delivered the beers, and he tells her he did, but being there led him to believe he needs to change things in his life, like “less alcohol and more thinking”. When she asks him if he’s really going to quit drinking, he jovially replies that he said “less alcohol”. She sits next to him, and he offers her a can of beer from his gym bag, and they sit in the park.

The on-screen text describes that the rest of Chickie’s friends returned from Vietnam, while Chickie himself became a ‘sandhog’ tunnel builder in New York, eventually becoming legislative and political director. It’s poignant confirmation that Chickie’s last words in the film weren’t just an empty proclamation, and that her experiences have been very much about trying to take her life in a more meaningful direction.

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