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The Girl in the Mirror season 1 review – a teen drama filled with surface-level horror

August 21, 2022

This review of the Spanish Netflix series The Girl in the Mirror season 1 contains no spoilers.

In our article Five reasons to watch for this release, we explained how Netflix’s Spanish series seem to have a way of being entertained. From extremely popular Money theft at EliteNetflix has a habit of grabbing easily marketable stories that stick out of the tongue. The girl in the mirror has all the plot of the title itself. With an eye-catching concept title, viewers will no doubt be interested in the thumbnail.

And for good reasons too. The girl in the mirror successfully merges horror, thriller and teen drama. The opening episode apparently gives a YA story environment for the characters to begin their arc.

And once the story is laid down, viewers are on a journey that feels surprisingly contextual rather than mysterious; the premise follows a group of high school kids enjoying a mountain getaway. There are many secrets and romances among this group of young adults. When they leave the getaway by coach, they suffer a strange accident in the middle of the misty mountains. Most students die. Alma, one of the young women, survives but loses her memory. She must regain her identity to remember what really happened that day, piecing it together with her young acquaintances while unraveling a horror mystery.

In nine chapters, The girl in the mirror sends the audience down a path with lots of junctions. Supernatural elements appear in the story as the storyline cuts down on the characters’ personal lives. If you’re used to teen shows, you’ll be used to the dramatic nature of teenage lives with a “million problems.” Except for this one time, the story is rooted in a deep and confusing tragedy in which viewers and characters must come to terms with the horror co-existingly. It’s the kind of series that Netflix thrives on. On the surface level, filled with horror but with a tinge of mystery.

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With strong performances from the young cast and a grayscale feel with the editing, The girl in the mirror could be a dark horse for August. But is it the next great Spanish series? It’s doubtful, but with supernatural themes and a deep-seated curse that looms over the story, horror fans will likely see some advantages in watching this over the average viewer.

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