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The Exchange Season 1 Review – An engaging and thought-provoking true story

February 9, 2023

The post The Exchange Season 1 Review – An Engaging and Challenging True Story appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

This review of the Kuwaiti Netflix series The Exchange Season 1 contains no spoilers.

If the late 80s, Kuwait and the world of finance have anything in common, it’s that they weren’t exactly environments designed for women to thrive, which makes the true story told in Kuwaiti netflix original series The exchange all the more remarkable.

The Exchange Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

We are introduced early to Farida (Rawan Mahdi) and her daughter, Jood (Ryan Dashti), who were left dry in a divorce from Farida’s wealthy husband, Omar (Abdullah Bahman). Jood’s private school tuition is a big debt, and since Omar doesn’t want to help and Farida has nothing left in the divorce, she needs another solution.

Farida needs a job, then. His father tells him. She knows she can’t afford to keep buying dresses on credit to attend fundraisers with her friend Yara (Shabnam Khan). His cousin Munira (Mona Hussain), who drives his own convertible, represents an obviously brighter future. A bank employee at the Bank of Tomorrow at the Kuwait Stock Exchange, challenged rather than intimidated by being the only woman there, Munira wants to move forward with her boss Saud Salim (Hussein Almahdi) and asks Farida to find information about the shipping company Omar works for in exchange for paying Jood’s tuition.

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Farida gathers the information, passes most of it on to Munira, and uses the rest to try to find herself a job. And we leave.

Nadia Ahmad’s show lives and dies on its unique backdrop and time period, showcasing the struggles of women in late 80s Kuwait in all walks of life, not to mention male-dominated finance. It’s a boss tale that packs even more punch than such things because of the context, and the actors – especially Mahdi as Farida – do a terrific job of selling the complexity of empowerment in a culture. of oppression.

Is the exchange good?

Rather than relying on its solid idea for a premise, however, The exchange anime with excellent production design and strong pacing across six episodes. While the base certainly adds something, this has all the hallmarks of a solid television drama, first and foremost providing an engrossing watch with real-world detail informing the story rather than completely defining it. It’s not a documentary, and no one would confuse it as such, but it’s a transporting and awe-inspiring drama that tells a worthwhile story with aplomb.

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The post The Exchange Season 1 Review – An Engaging and Challenging True Story appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.