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The End of the School of Good and Evil Explained – Does Good Prevail?

October 19, 2022

This article is about the Netflix movie The School for Good and Evil ending and will contain spoilers.

The long-awaited fantasy film The School of Good and Evil is finally here, and for me, it did not disappoint. There are a lot of people in that hour and twenty-eight minutes, so if you blink too much, you might miss something. Filled with classic fancy themes you’ll recognize a lot from the Harry Potter movies, however, that’s no reason to miss this film as it’s filled with a star-studded cast, excellent acting, and an imaginative story.

The film begins the same way as Harry Potterwith a smoky background like the midnight sky and golden lettering dramatically displaying the title of the film.

We open to two men chasing and fighting each other. Right in the action, we quickly learn that it’s two brothers who run the school and keep the balance between good and evil. Although one brother, Rafal, is clearly tired of always feeling like a loser, and with the use of black blood magic it is suggested that he kill his brother.

Years later, we are taken to Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) living a simple life in a simple town, with Sophie literally wishing she had a different life. Sophie doesn’t want to settle for an ordinary life and under a magic tree she wants to be taken away and have her happy ending. As she tries to run away, Agatha begs her to stay, and then out of nowhere a giant mythical bird pops up, picks them up, and flies them to another realm.

At this point, Sophie is short, pretty, and blonde, and Agatha has giant hair and is considered a witch, so we’d assume Sophie would go to good school and Agatha would go to evil school. No, no, they are left to complete opposites.

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As the film continues, we see Sophie and Agatha trying to escape to switch sides, while trying to figure out the school, its rules, and its processes. As they develop their powers, it becomes clear that the girls are in fact on the side they should be.

Sophie has real powers and talents that capture the attention of the villainous Rafal, making her “the only one”. Agatha proves she is pure in heart by rescuing a lost student and showing that she has the strongest power, which is empathy.

We see how the good side isn’t always good and learn how things need to be balanced to keep things running and running smoothly, but that doesn’t sit well with Agatha after one of her friends loses three tasks, then is killed in agony.

To get home, the girls learn they must have true love’s first kiss. Of course, it falls to pretty blonde Sophie to make dashing Prince Tedros fall in love with her, when in reality he only has eyes for Agatha.

Rafal puts his claws in Sophie and she has a full Sandy of Fat transformation, going from sweet to sexy in minutes. Having become a bad girl, her friendship with Agatha is already strained. Sophie attracts Tedros and together they say they have found their one true love in each other.

The End of the School of Good and Evil Explained

The school then forces the two to participate in a Trial by Tale – where the two must survive the night outside the castle walls. For Harry Potter fans, it’s like the Triwizard Cup in the Forbidden Forest. As the two struggle, Agatha comes to the rescue, breaking all the rules and causing havoc. As these two are proven not to be kindred spirits, Sophie and Agatha feel defeated and distant.

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Here Rafal comes and makes Sophie even meaner, the meaner she gets the uglier she gets. Sophie uses blood magic, and on the night of the most anticipated prom, she bursts through the doors attacking Agatha and the others and turning all the adults and teachers into toys.

This causes Tedros to start a war and have everyone kill the Wicked Witch. In this world, evil fights and good defends, as Tedro attacks, the roles are now reversed. Using her powers, Sophie forces everyone to change costumes, so evil is now in extravagant clothes and good is in black. They then fight to the death.

While fighting, Sophie goes to take revenge on the schoolmaster for ruining her life, but the schoolmaster turns into Rafal who was grooming her all the time because he wanted her to be his true love. Their true love kiss will perish all good and evil to start over for a new evil. As Sophie realizes what she did while her friends are dying, she regrets everything. Agatha, still trying to save her best friend, bursts in the door and, as Rafal tries to kill her, Sophie jumps in front to save Agatha, showing that she has a good heart and undoing the evil spell of love’s kisses true.

Rafal is defeated and destroyed, and as Sophie lies dying in Agatha’s arms, they tell each other that they love each other. Like a true fairy tale, Agatha’s tears heal Sophie’s wounds and she comes back to life.

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Nothing can beat the power of friendship, and the true love between friends of good and evil makes the school not perish, but in fact, is changed for all time. A school where good and evil can mingle.

This story shows us a lot of things, that there is power in friendship, that good and bad can and should work best for each other, that the true kiss of love has no need to be romantic and that you are happily ever after may not be the one you want.

This coming of age story tells us to be true to ourselves and trust our journey and our process, as the girls decide to return home to their mundane town and want to enjoy life. simple. They create a vortex at home where they are welcomed with open arms and we now see them enjoying their lives rather than wishing for anything else.

However, in the final clip, we see that Tedro’s arrow pierces the vortex created to bring the girls home, so is this really the end?

What did you think of the end of The School for Good and Evil? Comments below.

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