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The Devil’s Hour season 1 review – Peter Capaldi haunts in this chilling thriller

October 27, 2022

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 review – Peter Capaldi haunts in this chilling thriller appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We’re reviewing the Prime Video series The Devil’s Hour season 1, which stars Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine – it’s spoiler-free, so enjoy!

Call it superstition, coincidence, or OCD, but there’s no denying the fact that the human race has a serious fascination with numbers. The number thirteen is supposed to be an unlucky number, which is so entrenched in society that airplanes give up a seat of thirteen. 666 was labeled the number of the beast and between 3am and 4am is apparently the devil’s hour. In this First video six-part series, our great lady Lucy (Jessica Raine) finds herself waking up at 3:33 every night for as long as she can remember. She is awakened by the same horrifying dream every night and turns to see these three threes on her bedside alarm clock.

This chilling thriller from the writer Tom Moran has plenty of other scares up its sleeve that you can enjoy or endure depending on your preference, this being just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The first two installments available for review work well to build suspense into this intriguing mystery, hopefully leading to a fascinating and highly anticipated conclusion.

The series is centered on Lucy Chambersa insomniac who is prone to hallucinations and strange feelings of deja vu. Someone who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her husband has become a distant stranger who comes and goes as he pleases, while her son isaac is an emotionless and troubled boy. It talks about imaginary friends and strange people wandering the rooms of the house, though Lucy cannot see them. It all adds up to a rather anxious storyline for our poor protagonist, but she continues gallantly nonetheless. Lucy is a determined person and she wants the best for her son. Many psychiatrists tried in vain to diagnose the boy, but the latest, Dr. Ruby Bennett, maybe on something.

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Interspersed with this slowly building horror tale is also a gripping crime investigation. DI Ravi Dhillon (Nikesh Patel) and DS Nick Holness (Alex Fougeres) are on the hunt for a possible serial killer who is targeting random citizens in the area. As you’d expect, these two subplots quickly become linked and coalesce, as Lucy’s nightmares are just beginning. How exactly is she connected to the murders and a creepy suspect called Gideon (Pierre Capaldi)? A third future storyline involves these two actors interacting fervently as Lucy appears to be interrogating Gideon in a police interrogation room. Gideon speaks in cryptic riddles, hinting at a bigger conspiracy at play.

Devil’s Hour is well shot and expertly crafted. The acting is also top notch, with Jessica Raine (Patrick Melrose) and Capaldi (Doctor Who and The Suicide Squad) grabbing your full attention right from the start. Raine is impressive as an unhinged mother who does her best to cure her son’s disturbing ailments. It’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle to elicit emotional responses from Isaac, while the parent is simply trying to get his son to laugh or even smile. While Capaldi is just perfect as the unnerving prime suspect in the case. He may not appear much in the first two installments, but still delivers when he’s onscreen, hitting the right level of creepiness and yet compelling in his fleeting appearances.

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There’s inventive camerawork and some clever editing techniques too, while the jumps are surprisingly decent. It was not presented as a horror by itself, even though the release schedule would lean towards that genre, it’s still a pretty weird little series, which seems to be heading towards something unpredictable and exciting. You can see the filmmakers put a lot of time and effort into this production, with some clever little moments that are integral to the plot. The show isn’t perfect though, it takes a while to build momentum, not all of the jump alerts work, and the opening credits hint at a low-budget feel that’s otherwise pretty well hidden, but these negatives can be easily overlooked. To conclude, Devil’s hour is a binge-worthy offering from Prime Video that has the potential to be another memorable addition to the streaming platform’s content library.

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The Devil’s Hour Season 1 review – Peter Capaldi haunts in this chilling thriller appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.