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Tear Along the Dotted Line season 1 review – the story of an anxious individual

November 17, 2021

This review of the Netflix animated series Tear Along the Dotted Line season 1 is spoiler-free.

As someone who cares about the simplest of social decisions, Tear Along the Dotted Line of Netflix is ​​as relatable as it gets. The adult animated series featuring a cartoonist named Zero who lives in Rome is an eventful case study of a character who thinks at 1,000 miles per hour. There is an irony that his name is Zero.

Each episode is fast paced and demanding. Zero lives a life of simplicity but regret. Most of the guilt comes from an abundance of over-thinking and zealous decision-making. From wondering how to act in front of a girl he has a crush on to trying a new pizza (rather than the drab but pleasantly tasty Margherita), the animated series shows how his mind races.

And it’s the character’s frenetic nature that makes this 6-episode festival a snap. Zero spends most of the chapters pondering his life decisions and potential love as he and his friends venture out of town.

Frenzy only works because of aggressive voice acting and heavy animation. Tear Along the Dotted Line does well with its transition, highlighting between the rational and the irrational and keeping the animation imaginative and colorful. The story seeks refuge in Zero’s mind but brings him back to earth as a friend tells him to calm down. There’s a relevant moment in the series where Zero describes how he always leaves the house 3 hours early for an hour-long trip in case something happens. There are three kinds of people in this world; those who are right on time, those who are trendy late (without any shame) and those who are too early. I’m 100% the latter, so I embraced this story with appreciation.

Tar Along the Dotted Line is hardly an investment, and therefore, it comes highly recommended. I would watch the second installment of it. The energy and enthusiasm deserve to be pursued.

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