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Takeover ending explained – how does Mel prove her innocence?

November 2, 2022

The post The Takeover ending explained – how does Mel prove her innocence? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We are discussing the Netflix movie The Takeover (2022) ending, which will contain major spoilers.

The takeover is a safe action thriller about netflix which uses classic tropes and doesn’t offer much excitement or intrigue, but makes for an easy watch.

The film begins with a man who goes to a military base while listening to classical music. He looks like a geeky dad, and as soon as he enters he starts checking for system errors they come across. He’s a hacker. All the units begin to shut down, and as he types furiously, he finds out where the hack is coming from. To everyone’s surprise, it’s local. They discover that a sixteen-year-old hacker, Mel (Brood Holly Mae ), was hacking into the military operating system just to keep aircraft noise from helping local seals. Buddy, clearly impressed, makes a deal that if she tells him how she did this, he’ll tell her how he found her.

Ten years later, while in her day job, Mel spots a random bug inside a facial-recognition bus and immediately blocks it with a Trojan horse. While hacking into a serious database, Mel crosses paths with the wrong people, who then release a fake video that “shows” her killing someone, setting her up, and putting the police on her trail. Mel is now on a mission to hide from the police and clear his name.

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The film follows her doing whatever it takes to prove her innocence, despite the consequences. Mel hides out with the guy she had a bad blind date with, Thomas. Since he’s not a hacker, and with this super fake, Mel needs all the help she can get. This leads her friends online to say that she needs Buddy to help clear her name. Mel refuses to contact him. We learn it’s because she’s already reported him to the police, so he’s also a wanted man.

On the run, Buddy finds Mel, and the three of them are now trying to figure out who’s blackmailing her. They find out that Mel hacked into the Chinese government, and they don’t want what Mel found out because it would cause international drama. They are trying to ruin Mel’s reputation so no one will believe what she said/found.

Takeover ending explained – how does Mel prove her innocence?

Eventually, British villain Rogers kills Buddy and Mel’s lover is captured by the police. Mel runs away to go back and re-enter and re-hack the business she did in the beginning to find the evidence to mine to prove her innocence. During the hack, she is found by Rogers, who points a gun at her head. In true maverick style, she manages to escape and flee.

It’s only towards the end that we have a little fight before Mel is captured. Rogers begins shooting at the computers in the server room, causing the servers to crash and the driverless buses to malfunction on the streets, putting people’s lives in danger.

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Mel takes on the police to prove her innocence and then tries to hack the bus to stop it from running. Thomas becomes the action hero we needed and wanted in this movie as he steals Buddy’s car and hijacks the bus to help slow him down and stop him before he reaches the river. Together they manage to stop the bus and save everyone.

The final scene sees Mel working on his laptop, receiving a message from Buddy, which is automated if he’s been offline for three days, meaning he’s probably dead. Buddy tells her he’s proud of her and wants her to change the world. Mel and Thomas are sitting by the river. Mel puts her arm around him, then challenges him to do three more rounds. They run away from the camera and we cut to the credits.

This film has a strong female protagonist, who begins the film independent and driven, and even when helped by other male characters to prove her innocence, the character does not lose these qualities. Mel is aided by a man she once outwitted, then an idiot she met on their first date. It’s clever, though ultimately it doesn’t feel like his character has learned or developed anything; its story arc was quite poor.

The end of The takeover has the drama and action we needed from the start, and in addition to saving herself, Mel is able to save the lives of innocent victims, making her a true nerdy heroine. After that, she is able to go back to her life, trying to make the world a better place by hacking. This movie makes hacking more positive and something that can have a good influence on the world which is not how we have seen and shown hackers in the past.

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The whole movie is a cat-and-mouse hunt, with the focus on racing rather than hacking itself. For an action thriller, it lacked a lot of intrigue and excitement, because when you run, you don’t confront or fight. The ending is happy, with Mel clearing her name and making a new friend.

What did you think of the ending of the Netflix movie The Takeover (2022)? Comments below.

The post The Takeover ending explained – how does Mel prove her innocence? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.