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Take 1 review – contestants give the performance of a lifetime

October 15, 2022

This review of the South Korean Netflix reality series Take 1 season 1 contains no spoilers.

netflix the reality talent series called Take 1 features some of South Korea’s most popular artists, including Rain, AKMUand Mamamoo.

South Korea has experienced extreme and impressive media growth over the past decade, increasingly consumed and demanded in the West. Some of the world’s biggest pop stars call South Korea their home, with boy bands such as BTS and exogirl groups like NOIRPINK and red velvetand solo artists like UI, Boaand sunmi. It’s true that music unites and brings the world together and I think this series will do just that. Not just for music fans, if you are a fan of drama, film, art, and reality TV contest programs, this is the one to add to your list.

This series consists of seven episodes lasting around less than an hour each, there are subtitles available which seem to be of decent quality. They’ve definitely improved since the popular series debacle squid game.

It’s no wonder, then, that Netflix is ​​on board to take advantage of this and invest heavily in K-Dramas, movies, documentaries and now reality TV. Each episode of Take 1 features a different artist from South Korea, with the goal being to perform a song that delivers the performance of a lifetime. It certainly exceeded all my expectations, that’s for sure. Each act is given a countdown to when it’s about to happen, which is very intimidating and dramatic. They are allowed to decide when, how and with whom they play. The problem? They have to do it in one take. This is a unique and unique deal, so the stakes and pressure are extremely high and you can feel their excitement, anxiety and desire to do their best.

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It’s quite nerve-wracking to watch them play. We interview the contestants, learning about their lives, their stories, their hopes and dreams, and the time and effort they put into building their performance is impressive and inspiring to say the least. It’s not the standard show where someone takes the stage and sings a well-known hit that they’ve made their own. Even in the first episode, the contestants put on great performances with an orchestra, dancers, and actors, and make a full show out of the experience. They have a big budget, are dynamic and like to watch a Hollywood blockbuster on stage! We get footage of audience interactions, and even through the masks you can tell if they’re entertained or not.

It was an interesting watch for me. As reality-competition-talent shows go, many have similar formats and similar talented people. This one felt a bit more special and serious. It was extremely nice to see the passion for music and performing rather than the passion for being famous and making money, and I think a lot of western reality shows like this lose respect and credibility . They express their talents and don’t all have a sad and bloody story to emotionally manipulate the viewer, but instead give us great visuals. On the contrary, the final performances are worth watching because there are some really talented people in this series.

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