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Swagger Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – “All on the Line”

November 19, 2021

This Season 1 recap of Swagger Episode 6, “All on the Line,” contains spoilers.

“All on the Line” is a slower paced episode of Swagger mainly dealing with two things: the repercussions of the attack by Jace and his teammates on Crystal’s abusive trainer and the Covid encroachment. -19 on the basketball season. There are other things as well, which we’ll definitely cover here, but these two events clearly define the episode and will likely define the rest of the season; aggression has a major effect on children, and with the coronavirus threatening to take away their primary outlet for dealing with pressure, Team Swagger is becoming a powder keg, waiting to explode.

Swagger season 1, recap of episode 6

Phil is also largely a household. He, of course, was abused by his father, so he took the attack on Crystal’s coach – having gotten the real motive – a little too far. All of this scares Musa, who ends up leaving town partly because of it but also because his grandfather contracted Covid-19, and when Swagger plays his last game, everyone underperforms due to the accumulated stress. . Ike is confused, Jenna blames Ike’s training – God forbid, she blames Jace – and the threat of a season suspension hangs over everyone.

It’s nice to see the team rally around Phil once his abuse is known. It’s a complicated and sensitive subplot, and “All on the Line” handles it well, not portraying Phil’s father as an outright monster, but as a flawed man unable to manage his anger. Phil is not your typical “victim” either; he’s the biggest kid on the team, which I don’t think is a coincidence in terms of optics, but his attempts to downplay and excuse his father’s abuse are classic behaviors. There is a touch of authenticity here that benefits the show.

Likewise with Crystal and Jace, the former is initially upset that Jace intervened, but eventually comes to terms with the idea after it became apparent that she was not her trainer’s first victim and would not have probably not the last. The fact that Jace also preserved her privacy and never said why her trainer needed a beating means a lot to her. She and Jace reunite at the end of the episode and share a kiss, taking their relationship in a new direction, although a part of me thinks it could have been more intriguing if she had remained platonic.

In all of this, it’s Jenna who begins to emerge as some sort of villain. She’s absolutely adamant that she never blames Jace for anything, even things that are his fault, and her focus on him and his career at the expense of everything else begins to take its toll on both. Jace and his little sister, Jackie, whose dance Jenna misses because she has to leave for work. You can appreciate a single mom who goes out of her way to provide for her children, but you can also appreciate Jackie’s counter-argument that she would never have left if it was one of the Jace games.

Swagger does a surprisingly good job weaving its character drama among big, real-life topics such as domestic violence, the pandemic, and the predatory nature of youth sports, without letting the topical backdrops overwhelm the attention. It’s a mix that could easily tip the wrong way at any point, but right now I appreciate the balance.

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