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Surface season 1, episode 7 recap – “It was always going to end like this”

August 27, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ Surface series season 1, episode 7, “It was always going to end like this,” contains spoilers.

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After discovering that she was in fact the real perpetrator of the fraudulent scam all along, Sophie tries to cover up her past mistakes and move on with her life. While the love triangle dudes, Baden and James are on hand to further confuse Sophie with conflicting stories. Who is telling the truth in Surface and who should Sophie side with in the end? These questions are explored in a tedious penultimate part.

Surface summary of season 1, episode 7

The episode opens with the return of blissful therapist Hannah, who apologizes to Sophie for sharing information about her mother with her when she clearly wasn’t ready to process the news. Sophie apologizes, stating that she refused to listen to Hannah and was in fact the problem all along. Hannah is back and Sophie seems ready to finally accept her fate. She’s the real villain of the room, though she’s yet to fully admit her apprehensions out loud.

She asks Baden not to share the hard evidence he worked so tirelessly to acquire. Baden gives him twenty-four hours to make sure everything is in order before going to his boss. Sophie lies to him about innocent people being involved in the debacle, but Baden is very loyal to Sophie anyway and happily follows her lead. Sophie now has one day to resolve this whole fiasco before she finds herself behind bars. Her first task is to acquaint her husband James with the many secrets she holds and then withdraw the lump sum cash from her account.

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Meanwhile, James discovers he has been tipped off by the authorities and is being investigated again. His assistant Todd has been exposed and James brings in Harrison for additional support to terrify the man. The two businessmen threaten Todd on a rooftop. He immediately breaks down and confesses, admitting he was framed by an undercover cop. Sophie’s bank meeting goes off just as successfully, with the bankers reporting Sophie for her suspicious behavior.

There is no longer any way to withdraw the money from the account and Todd has already turned over the incriminating evidence to Baden. Things are looking dire for Sophie and James – the damage is already done. Sophie considers coming clean, but James flatly rejects the idea, with her husband regaining control.

Sophie goes against her husband’s wishes and goes to Baden privately anyway. She confesses to the undercover cop and asks him to destroy the evidence. The policeman won’t, although he offers to run away with Sophie instead. Sophie seems shocked by this proposal and refuses her ex-lover. Unfortunately, James is waiting outside Baden’s house, furious that she shared incriminating information with Baden. He also has other ammunition from Harrison that he is more than willing to share with his wife.

It is revealed that Harrison hired Baden to investigate Sophie, who he believed was going to scam James out of all his money. Harrison was right, Sophie played the long game and tricked James into handing over millions of dollars to his cheating wife. Baden watched Sophie as he was hired to do, but ended up falling in love with the woman and continued to follow her in secret. It turned into harassment and he became obsessed. James points out that she cannot trust Baden when he himself is a manipulative liar. Maybe they are made for each other after all?

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The end

Baden prepares to flee whatever Sophie decides to do. He shreds the files on Sophie and puts her life away in a suitcase. Sophie meets him at the station, the day before his getaway. She asks him if he was paid to follow her and Baden confesses his lies. She blackmails him into destroying the evidence. Baden stalks Sophie some more and hands her a flash drive while she’s on a date at a fancy restaurant with James. The husband retaliates by throwing punches and the two men brawl.

Sophie plays the video from the USB drive and witnesses authentic footage of herself jumping off the boat. This is undeniable proof that she tried to kill herself and was ultimately not pushed. The evidence is hard to dispute. Sophie returns to see Baden, but finds him dead in his apartment. His cover was blown and he faced the harsh consequences of his undercover work. Sophie is distraught and when they get home she tells James about the footage. James still blames Baden for this mess after everything that happened. The episode ends with James comforting Sophie, repeatedly saying it’s not our fault.

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