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Surface season 1, episode 6 recap – “The California Myth”

August 19, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ Surface series season 1, episode 6, “The California Myth,” contains spoilers.

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Apple’s psychological thriller Surface finally charts the full story of James and Sophie’s relationship, but still leaves its major mystery unsolved. In this episode, fans of the series are entitled to many revelations, but you will not yet know if Sophie was pushed or jumped. With Sophie demanding answers, James confesses, exposing their past, starting with their very first meeting.

Surface summary of season 1, episode 6

James introduces to a potential client at a fancy bar and Sophie is the waitress who serves him the expensive wine. The investor leaves, but James strikes up a conversation with the chatty waitress instead. She talks about risk taking and the two walk over to him to get more intimate. James keeps his boss’s house and tries to impress Sophie with the rich bachelor pad. Sophie sees through all her lies and gets to know the real person underneath.

Sophie reveals snippets of her past to James over the next few weeks. Mentioning life in London and other European cities. Her mother died when she was young and she never really knew her father. Sophie is an independent woman, who has learned to fend for herself. When the couple begin to become more of an object, Sophie is introduced to James’s friends, Caroline and Harrison. She begins to spread lies about James, hoping to improve his status within the company. A wealthy investor buys his lies and James quickly rises through the ranks.

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James lands a huge promotion, but Sophie can’t help it. She continues to compliment her boyfriend, always putting on that fake facade. Harrison sees through her lies and unsuccessfully calls her a con artist. Sophie took the limelight and made James the hit, but when he asks her to stop with all the lies, she storms off. It was there that she met Baden that fateful night and began her lustful affair. In retaliation, James starts his own affair, cheating on Sophie with Caroline.

Sophie and James recognize their affairs and try to move forward with a fresh start. Sophie says it’s over with Baden and James agrees to see Caroline much less often. Even if Sophie was still up to something. She casually mentions a possible new client that James can network with. James jumps at this potentially huge opportunity. However, something is wrong with the deal. The client never receives the $11.2 million transaction. James was played.

Sophie continues the act, but James does his own detective and realizes that she tricked him all along. He follows her to the bank, where she hid the money and then confronts her on the day of her accident. Sophie admits to having planned a getaway, she still orchestrated a long scam. James is heartbroken, having truly loved her. He walks away and then finds his letter at home. James is then informed that Sophie is in the hospital and has attempted suicide. He is told about his long-term memory loss and the doctor advises him to take it as a fresh start.

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The end

The episode ends with James telling Sophie, in the present, that he still loves her and wants things to work out. Sophie is in shock from the story and recognizes that she was a horrible person, there is no other way around it. But the mystery remains, was she pushed or did she jump?

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