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Story recap – what happened in Thai Cave Rescue Season 1?

September 22, 2022

This is a recap of the Thai Cave Rescue Season 1 story and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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The Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue tells the true story of how a junior football team and its coach became trapped in a cave. When the news spread around the world, there was a huge rescue attempt to save their lives. Below is a recap of how the miniseries tells the story in six episodes.

Story recap – what happened in the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1?

Episode 1-2

Before the Netflix series goes into the details of the cave disaster, we get to see all the main players. Among them are Eak and, of course, the 12 young footballers, aka the Wild Boars. The gang unaware of the coming storm, they innocently head towards the cave. But when the storm arrives, they’re trapped inside with no way to alert anyone to their location. However, some of the parents realize what has happened and a rescue mission is underway.

As the water level rises in the cave and there is still no confirmation that Eak and the boars are alive, there is great concern for their safety. Inside the cave, Eak tries to swim below to try and find a way out. However, he nearly drowns in the process. As the public hopes for a happy solution, Governor Narongsak learns that he must find a way to rescue the trapped boys. One of the trapped boy’s (Mark) mothers, Namhom, learns of the situation in the cave and realizes that Mark will be among those trapped. However, the cave guards do not listen to him and deny him entry. It is only when she cries out for the Governor that she is allowed near.

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With the rain finally stopping, the rescue team manages to reach the boys. Thanks to a GoPro, the parents learn that Eak and the boars are alive.

Episode 3-4

News of the soccer team trapped in the cave goes worldwide. As a result, rescue teams around the world are offering their advice. But as water begins to flood the cave, the governor is unable to send more help. At least for now. It looks like the rescue team is finding dead end after dead end. But then they learn that since they can’t get the boys out, maybe they can save them another way. Instead, they can only get the boys out the same way they came in.

Inside the cave, Eak abandons most of his food supply to keep the young footballer’s spirits up. Above and on land, experts estimate that a rescue can take up to 3-4 weeks. But unfortunately, it’s not good enough. As the oxygen begins to run out, so do the chances of the trapped boys surviving.

A former Navy Seal, Saman Kunan, receives a call. Soon after, he arrives at the cave site and tries to help save them. But something goes tragically wrong and Saman dies while in the water.

Episode 5-6

Saman’s death brings great distress to the rescue team and diminishes any hope that the boars will be rescued. And in the cave, oxygen levels continue to drop, meaning they’ve reached the “danger zone.” At the same time, tensions fly through the cave and Eak feels tremendous guilt for leading the boys into the cave. There is more disturbing news to come; a new storm will head for the cave in the next two days. As a result, it’s a matter of now or never when it comes to the rescue mission.

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In the season finale, the Thai cave rescue mission is underway. But, of course, there are great levels of threat. And some wonder if everyone will survive. But the mission is moving fast, and soon, five of the boars are out of the cave. As night falls and the divers have been working for 12 hours, it is decided that the workers must rest to ensure that there are no tragic accidents.

Meanwhile, there is a slight problem for Mark. They can’t find a mask small enough to fit around his face. The rains are starting to come, and that means time is running out. Despite Eak’s initial wish to be rescued last, he must come out earlier so that the divers have enough strength to support his weight. It’s going well, and then it’s only Mark who needs to be saved from the cave. As the rescue team begins to pull Mark out of the cave, there is a landslide. Although it looks like there is disaster ahead, Mark survives! And because of that, Eak and the 12 boars all came out of the cave alive.

And that’s what happened in the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue season 1. What do you think of the story? Comments below.

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