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Story recap – what happened in season 1 of The Midnight Club?

October 7, 2022

This is a story recap of the Netflix series The Midnight Club season 1, which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The Midnight Club is a teen horror series with elements of mystery and romance also built into its intricate structure. Each episode features a self-contained story told by one of the hospice patients that specifically reflects that character’s hopes and fears or situation at the time. It’s a nifty format that allows showrunners to pay homage to multiple genres and elicit as many scares as possible. With the plot involving cults, hauntings, and the emotional trauma of teenage deaths, there’s a lot to unravel. Here’s what happened in each episode of The Midnight Club season 1:

Story recap – what happened in season 1 of The Midnight Club?

Episode 1 – “The Final Chapter”

featured student Ilonka is diagnosed with thyroid cancer and spends his eighteenth birthday in the hospital. She learns by chance that the disease has become terminal and researches her survival rate online. Here she discovers a hospice called Brightcliffe and a miracle patient named Julia Jayne, who was cured of her cancer in this specific hospice. Ilonka enrolls in the hospice and meets the teenage patients and friendly staff members who preside there. That first night she follows roommate anyain secret, in the library, where they meet to tell each other ghost stories. Natsuki tells the nervous horror story of tonight. Ilonka is spotted hiding in the library and tells her own story about Julia Jayne. The gang explains that they have a pact, the first person to die must contact the others from beyond. Ilonka joins the club and tells Kevin that she chose this place specifically for its healing powers. She wants to live.

Episode 2 – “The Two Danas”

In group therapy, patients discuss the things they will miss most when they are gone. Ilonka talks about taking a new herbal tea and Anya belittles her roommate’s remedy. Ilonka goes for some fresh air after their argument and meets Shasta, a lady who also believes in the healing qualities of this area. Ilonka sees an hourglass symbol carved into a tree. Ilonka discovers that Spence has AIDS and again Anya starts an argument with the new girl. At the midnight meeting, Ilonka mentions Shasta, but no one has ever met her before. Anya tells the story of a ballet dancer, who clones herself when she makes a pact with the devil. The story reveals much of Anya’s personal life. Ilonka bursts in Dr Stantonand retrieves Julia Jayne’s file. Ilonka has terrifying visions on her way back to her room.

Episode 3 – “The Wicked Heart”

Ilonka goes through Julia’s file, finding strange designs, including the hourglass symbol and the same repeating sequence of numbers. She tells Kevin about these discoveries and her visions. He blames his medication. It’s Family Day at the hospice and Ilonka finds out that Kevin has a girlfriend. Quarantined patient Tristan is found dead by Natsuki. The gang mourns the death of one of their own. Natsuki thinks she sees Tristan for a split second, but the others tell her it’s not a sign. Kevin tells his story about a serial killer who is told who to kill by voices in his head. The murderer is haunted by all the people he killed. Ilonka spots the hourglass symbol in the elevator and when that button is pressed along with another, it takes them to a hidden basement. The elevator goes up on its own, taking Kevin with it. Ilonka is left to her own devices, where she sees a figure moving through the darkness.

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Episode 4 – “Give Me a Kiss”

The gang descend together into the basement to explore, discovering the original Midnight Club journal and lodging. The club was founded by Julia Jayne in the sixties. They see the hourglass symbol on the ground and written in blood inside the book. Spencer and Sandra argue over religion during group therapy. Shasta tells Ilonka to research medicine in the library and talks about her remedy business. spencer hears a voice coming from the recovery room intercom and thinks it might be Tristan from beyond. Kevin is going to prom with his girlfriend. At the Midnight Club, Sandra tells a story that pays homage to film noir. She uses the story as a way to apologize to Spence and they make amends. Anya has taken way too many morphine pills and is sleepy as she walks home. She hears whispers and sees a dark figure heading towards her. Kevin and Ilonka find an unusual book in the library and return to find Anya passed out on the floor.

Episode 5 – “See You Later”

Ilonka resuscitates Anya, saving her life. Later, she finds out it was against Anya’s wishes and she apologizes. Dr. Stanton thinks she overdosed from self-medication. Anya minimizes the dark figures she saw. Ilonka reads Paragon’s journal, learns about the cult and how its leader Regina poisoned all her followers while trying a ritual to become immortal. The gang celebrates the day Amesh died, which they have now passed. Amesh tells a story about an apocalyptic future, reflecting his own fears of dying. amesh and Natsuki finally kiss. Anya confesses to Ilonka that it’s her fault that her parents are dead. She tells Ilonka that she doesn’t want to die.

Episode 6 – “Witch”

As Ilonka tells her story about witches, Anya passes out and is rushed to the doctors. Dr. Stanton informs them that she has sepsis. She warns Ilonka to stop wasting her time looking for a cure. Ilonka ignores this advice and speaks with Shasta in the forest. Shasta tells Ilonka to try a ritual to heal Anya. The club agrees to try this ritual, but Sandra categorically refuses to be involved. The gang performs the ritual in the basement, sacrificing personal items and adding their own blood to the central fire. Anya sees a shadow descend from the ceiling to take her away.

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Episode 7 – “Anya”

In 1997, Anya now lives alone and works in a supermarket. She hears suspicious voices on the radio at midnight every night, but chooses to ignore these signs. Anya tells her therapist that the ritual gave her a fever, which in turn caused a spontaneous regression, curing her in the process. They all tried the ritual, but it never worked again. All of her friends are now dead and she is struggling to fend for herself. Anya has a breakdown, where she sees all the characters from the ghost stories come to life, and then a gruesome skeletal figure descends from her ceiling. It is revealed that she is still in a coma, after the ritual, and the gang communicates with her via the intercom. Natsuki reads Anya a story about them all growing old together and living happily ever after. Anya dies of fever. Ilonka reads Anya’s last letter to the gang and Dr. Stanton interrupts their meeting, demanding that they all go to bed. Ilonka takes the gang to the beach instead for an impromptu funeral for Anya. They spread his ashes in the water. Ilonka overhears Stanton talking on the phone, one of the patients might not be terminal after all. Ilonka is haunted by two ghosts and passes out in the bathroom.

Episode 8 – “Road to Nowhere”

Dr. Stanton refuses to tell Ilonka which patient is cured, but orders Ilonka not to tell anyone the news. Ilonka believes she is the cured patient and Shasta agrees. Ilonka announces the good news to Kevin. Tag readers Darling and Spence at Spence’s parents’ home. He tells his mother what he really thinks about his faith and his homosexuality. The mother does not answer. Dr. Stanton forbids the gang to use the library, so the midnight meeting is cancelled. Natsuki tells Amesh a story in private, in which she explains how she tried to kill herself once before. Ilonka hears a woman crying and goes to the basement to investigate. She sees a woman in the dark and when they turn around, she turns into Kevin.

Episode 9 – “The Eternal Enemy”

Dr. Stanton informs Sandra that she is the patient going home, she no longer has terminal lymphoma. Sandra does not know what to answer. Kevin confesses to Ilonka that he also had nightmares and visions of ghosts. He sleepwalks into the basement most nights. Ilonka calls an emergency meeting and admits she sees things and Kevin too. Ilonka complains about the ritual operation and believes she is cured. Sandra admits that she is the one cured, not Ilonka. Sandra says it was a wrong diagnosis, the ritual didn’t really work. Sandra also confesses to being the one who pranked Spence with the intercom voices. She apologizes and leaves. Upset, Ilonka leaves and runs to Shasta’s premises. Shasta reveals that she is actually Julia Jayne and wants to go to Brightcliffe tonight to perform a ritual to heal Ilonka. Mark introduces Spence to his activist friends. Spence tells his time travel story and the gang congratulates Sandra on the good news. Ilonka helps Shasta and three of his followers infiltrate the workhouse. They begin the ritual and Ilonka is offered a strange drink. Dr. Stanton appears, warning Ilonka not to drink the concoction. Shasta orders him to drink it. Ilonka faints.

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Episode 10 – “Midnight”

Flashbacks reveal what Julia Jayne did once she left Brightcliffe. She reunited with cult leader Regina Ballard, who taught her how to heal herself. In the present, Dr. Stanton rescues Ilonka and Shasta flees. They also manage to save the three poisoned followers. Stanton tells Ilonka that Shasta should not be trusted. Ilonka agrees to leave Brightcliffe. Everyone tearfully bids farewell to Sandra, who returns home. It’s family day again and Spence’s mother finally shows up, mother and son embrace. Anya’s friend Rhett comes to get her friend’s items and notices that Anya’s ballerina statue has been fixed. Ilonka sees this as a sign from the other side. Kevin and Katherine separate.

Kevin finishes his serial killer story and Ilonka tries to finish her witch story, but breaks down crying. The story is too personal and linked to his real situation. In the story, the witch sacrifices herself for her friend and they have a funeral for her. Cheri and Amesh pick up the story, talking about a beautiful memorial and the afterlife. Ilonka finishes her story and tells the others about Anya’s ballerina statue and the events of Shasta’s ritual. Kevin and Ilonka then return to their rooms and finally kiss. Kevin says they have to live in the moment. Dr. Stanton retires to his room and removes his wig, revealing an hourglass tattoo on his neck.

This is the complete recap of what happened in the Netflix series The Midnight Club Season 1. What do you think of the story? Please comment below.

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