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Story recap – what happened in Resident Evil season 1?

July 14, 2022

This is a story recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story recap – what happened in Netflix resident Evil season 1?

Episode 1-2

resident Evil begins in 2036, when 14 years have passed since “the end”. “Survivor” Jade wishes her daughter, Bea, a happy birthday before continuing to observe the Zeroes, aka zombie-like creatures that appear to have no brain function. While in 2022, Jade has just moved to Racoon City with her father, Albert, and twin sister, Billie. It’s not an easy decision; before long, Billie becomes the target of the local bully, Tammy. Therefore, to protect Billie, Jade attacks Tammy, an act for which Billie is almost blamed. However, Albert’s influence within the community protects the two sisters.

When Billie begins to suspect that Umbrella (where Albert works) might be testing on animals, she and Jade go to investigate. But at the lab, a dog attacks and almost kills Billie. Albert covers for his daughters but tells them that if Umbrella finds out they were at the lab, they will all be arrested. In 2036, Baxter tries to capture Jade and tries tirelessly to find her.

Episode 3-4

In 2022, Billie returns to school, mostly to keep up appearances and prevent anyone from suspecting she was in the lab. Meanwhile, in 2036, Jade nearly died after a giant spider attacked her. But as she manages to kill and defeat the creature, she and Baxter are captured and held in underground cells.

While in the cell with Baxter, Jade notices that the Zeros are acting differently and seem to treat one as “their queen”. As Jade wonders if the virus is evolving, she and Baxter attempt to escape. During their attempt, Jade encounters “the queen” and cuts off her head. To ensure survival, Jade and Baxter work together. But tragically, for Baxter anyway, he comes across a group of Zeros, who presumably kill him.

Back in 2022, and a journalist, Angel, makes contact with Jade. Angel tells Jade that she and Billie don’t have a birth certificate and that Albert died in 2009. However, right after Angel realizes Billie had a bite mark, he gets arrested.

Episode 5-6

Following Angel’s claims about their father, Jade and Billie search their house, with the help of Evelyn’s son Simon, and discover that Albert has fake passports, a gun and £10,000 hidden away. for them. In 2036, Jade and Billie reunite for the first time since they were 18 years old. Although it’s not exactly a pink reunion, Billie pretends she wants to help Jade and rips a tracker out from under her skin.

In 2022, Albert kills Angel, apparently to cover his tracks. But that still makes Evelyn suspicious. In 2036, Jade is reunited with her family and takes safety on the boat. But after learning that Zeros react to different smells, Jade drags a Zero onto the boat to experiment. The experience, however, ends in tragedy when she escapes and kills Amrita while nearly killing Bea.

Episode 7-8

Albert is revealed to be one of many clones, and he uses Jade and Billie’s blood to delay his rapid aging. When one of the clones, Bert, escapes and comes into contact with Jade and Billie, the two sisters learn that Albert is a clone.

Jade and Billie attempt to escape Evelyn and Roth, but their attempts are futile. When they return to the lab to save Albert, with the help of Roth and Simon, Billie’s health continues to decline. When Evelyn tries to capture them, Billie has a moment of confusion/madness and bites Simon. Aware that Simon is about to turn into Zero, Evelyn shoots him in the eye. To make sure Evelyn doesn’t go after Jade and Billy, Albert sets up a bomb to destroy the lab and kill Evelyn. As the lab is destroyed, Evelyn survives. In the aftermath, Bert takes care of Jade and Billie, who seem to become very distant after the death of Simon and Albert.

In 2036, Jade meets Evelyn, who is actually under Billie’s control. As for Billie, she now runs Umbrella. But when Jade deliberately breaks a glass tube, it drives hundreds of Zeros towards them. After releasing a huge crocodile to kill Billie and the Zeroes, Jade and Arjun learn that Bea is missing. While the Crocodile attacks/kills anything in sight, it becomes calm when next to Bea. But Billie still kills the creature.

Although Jade and Billie have a confrontation, Jade is unable to shoot Billie. And that turns out to be a huge mistake. Billie shoots Jade, grabs Bea, and leaves an injured Jade to fend for herself. The first season of resident Evil ends in 2022 as Jade reads a note from Albert, which contains details for Ada Wong.

And that’s a recap of what happened in Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 1. What do you think of the story? Comments below.

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