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Story recap – what happened in Partner Track Season 1?

August 27, 2022

This is a recap of Netflix’s Partner Track Season 1 story and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story recap – what happened in Netflix Partner path season 1?

Episode 1-2

As the first lawyer in her family, to say that Ingrid is determined to succeed is a dramatic understatement. With a cushy role as an associate at a prestigious law firm called Parsons Valentine up for grabs, she’ll have to work hard to even stand a chance. But it can be a tricky encounter, as she’ll be battling Jeff, who she once slept with. However, despite their past history, it seems there is little to no chance that Ingrid will have a romantic relationship with him. Mainly because she has a budding romance with the kind and incredibly wealthy Nick.

Episode 3-4

As Ingrid’s romance with Nick grows, the pressure to become a partner also increases. But along the way, Jeff makes several attempts to put Neil down. Is he a little jealous? It sure looks like it. While Ingrid tries to ignore Jeff’s advances, she works hard to prove herself to Parsons Valentine. And it seems to work because she quickly gets noticed. Elsewhere in Ingrid’s life, her romance with Nick grows stronger. As a result, he meets his wonderfully dysfunctional family. When a small fire means Ingrid is temporarily homeless, Nick offers her to move in with him.

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Episode 5-6

Ingrid and Nick apparently remain the perfect couple. Still, her eye begins to wander to Jeff. Sure enough, it doesn’t take long before she kisses Jeff. Poor Nick. And it’s not just Ingrid with a dramatic love life. Her best friend Rachel sleeps with Justin. And thanks to a mistake on Justin’s part, it doesn’t take long before it becomes common knowledge. At a work event, labor ars*ehole Dan performs a stand-up with several racist remarks included in his skit.

Ingrid and Tyler try to voice their concerns. However, the ordeal is quickly swept under the rug. But not before Ingrid alienates Tyler and Rachel by trying to get Tyler to sign an NDA. (Which, if he had, would have made Ingrid look great at work). But it’s not all bad news for Ingrid. Nick decides to propose! But does she accept?

Episodes 7-8

Of course she does! But Ingrid is able to brag about the news because Tyler and Rachel refuse to talk to her. Then, in a slightly shocking gesture, Ingrid is arrested. Why? Because her sister, Lina, stole her necklace and sold it. The only problem is, it wasn’t Ingrid’s necklace to begin with. Jeff, however, is there to save the day. With his help, Ingrid’s innocence is proven and the charges against her are dropped.

During Thanksgiving, despite having just accepted Nick’s marriage proposal, she sleeps with Jeff. Who steps on them? Pseudo.

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Episodes 9-10

Naturally, Nick dumps Ingrid. And just like that, the previously beloved couple is no more. But there is no time to mourn. It’s because the moment that Ingrid has been working towards all season is almost here. Even before any official announcement, it seems that Ingrid will become a partner of Parsons Valentine. Yet, much to Ingrid’s shock, she doesn’t land a partner role. (Instead, Jeff, Dan and Hunter get the much sought after roles). Furious, Ingrid leaves her job at Parsons Valentine.

But Ingrid is not the type to take matters into her own hands. She wants revenge. Once she reconciles with Rachel and Tyler, she sets out to try to take the majority so she can remove Ted from his role as President. Does it work? Sure! And now that Ingrid has Z by her side, it seems like Ted is powerless to do anything about it. But Ted has one last bomb before leaving. He reveals that the reason he didn’t choose her as his partner was because Jeff told him she was arrested. Cliffhanger alert! So what does this mean for Ingrid and Jeff? Do you think she seriously regrets cheating on Nick? There’s always a chance that Ted is lying. But it’s much more juicy and exciting to think that Jeff stabbed her in the back. And if the show returns for a second season, that should be the route they take.

This is the complete recap of what happened in Season 1 of Partner Track. What do you think of the story? Please comment below.

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