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Story recap – what happened in Fate: The Winx Saga season 2?

September 17, 2022

This is a recap of the story of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story recap – what happened in Netflix Destiny: The Winx Saga season 2?

Episode 1-2

After a violent attack leaves Ivy, the students of Destiny: The Winx Saga start wondering what’s going on. And with Dowling still missing, they begin to wonder if the two incidents are connected. After Silva’s trial, Bloom hatches a plan for him to escape. And surprisingly, it works! All he has to do is hide out with the friendly Sebastian. Word quickly spreads that Silva has escaped. Beatrix aims to get into Rosalind’s good books by telling her that someone must have helped Silva escape.

However, Rosalind isn’t stupid, as she already figured out that part. While Sky is firm that he doesn’t want to find Silva, he returns to his room and finds Silva waiting for him.

Episode 3-4

Sky and Silva have a tense conversation, but Sky remains certain he wants nothing to do with Silva. And it turns out to be a stupid mistake to return to campus as Rosalind and Andreas soon take over Silva. Everyone’s beloved band Beatrix, Dane and Riven have gone their separate ways. Rosalind reveals that blood witches are getting more and more powerful And who is the key to saving the world? Bloom, because she has the flame of the dragon in her.

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After Beatrix is ​​attacked, Andreas risks his life (and that of another student) trying to get Beatrix to safety. Meanwhile, Terra tells her friends that she is gay. But during all that is going on, Bloom discovers that Sebastian is behind the recent attacks. And when she confronts him, he doesn’t even deny it. His magic then causes Sky to kill Andreas as Sky is unable to overcome Sebastian’s overwhelming powers.

Episode 5-6

After a trap against Sebastian fails, he uses his powers to attack Sky. But Rosalind has a feeling someone is helping Sebastian, and she wonders if there’s a mole on campus. As a result, she places a solid screen on campus to prevent the mole from escaping. Bloom and Sebastian make a deal so Musa can get her magic back. But during the deal, Sebastian tells Bloom that Rosalind killed Dowling. When Bloom confronts Rosalind with Sebastian’s accusation, Rosalind doesn’t even try to deny it. Rosalind gets too arrogant about her own ability and tries to kill Bloom. However, she is no match for Bloom. Bloom becomes far more powerful and enraged than anyone thought possible, and she burns Rosalind to death.

After Rosalind’s death, Queen Luna announces that there will be a war. Following this announcement, Bloom is quick to come clean, while Aisha’s latest flame, Gray, is revealed to be working alongside Sebastian. During Bloom’s trial, Queen Luna decides to place her in stasis and be reassessed after 20 years. After Flora brings Dowling back to life and proves that Rosalind killed her, Bloom has an emotional goodbye with Dowling. Once Dowling goes to the afterlife, we learn who the mole is. Fate: The Winx Saga season 2. Beatrix!

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Episode 7

Sebastian and Beatrix attack the campus and take several hostages, although it appears Beatrix isn’t half as bad as Sebastian as she actually allows some students to escape. With Sky trapped on school grounds, Bloom is eager to try and save him before Sebastian can harm him. Beatrix continues to play both sides as she warns Stella of the danger Sebastian is trying to put Bloom in. This all comes to a head when Bloom stands against Sebastian.

At this precise moment, Bloom learns where she comes from. Sebastian reveals that his mother had the Dragon Flame, which is confusing to Bloom as it was only possible 1000 years ago. But it starts to make more sense when Sebastian reveals that Bloom was born 1,000 years ago in the middle of an ancient war and placed in stasis. In that same war, Bloom’s mother lost control and accidentally caused the deaths of thousands of people.

But before Sebastian can kill Bloom, Beatrix turns against him and “saves the world”. He returns the favor by killing Beatrix and nearly killing Sky. However, Bloom and his friends finally manage to defeat Sebastian. But since Bloom is ashamed that she nearly broke out and killed thousands of people, just like her mother, she sends herself to the realm of darkness. And who does she find while she’s there? His own Mother!

And that’s the recap of what happened in Season 2 of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga. What do you think of the story? Comments below.

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