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SPOILERS: The Boys fans are convinced Black Noir’s death is fake

July 8, 2022

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 3*

Death and destruction have been the name of the game in The Boys since its very first episode aired in 2019.

We’ve lost countless characters since then, many died in the most gruesome ways imaginable, and now the Season 3 finale has seemingly killed off a fan-favorite character, Black Noir.

However, fans of The Boys are unconvinced by Black Noir’s apparent death and many believe he could yet return.

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Black Noir’s past and present explored in season 3

After largely playing the role of a background character in the first two seasons of The Boys, season 3 saw Black Noir take center stage on several occasions as his mysterious past and bizarre current situation were revealed. .

Black Noir, whose real name is Earving, was confirmed as one of the members of Payback, Vought’s superhero team before the formation of the Seven, which featured Soldier Boy as their leader.

Following an offer from Stan Edgar, Noir and Team Payback turned to Soldier Boy so they could hand him over to the Russians and form a new team with Homelander as their leader.

In the fight, Black Noir is badly injured by Soldier Boy, leaving his face burned and his brain damaged, making him the mysterious and silent mute we know and love.

Upon learning that Soldier Boy had returned to the present, Black Noir began to act strangely, ripping out his tracking chip and hiding in a Buster Beaver pizzeria in episode 7 where he was joined by visions of the cartoon mascots of the restaurant.

Black Noir’s cartoon friends helped him decide what to do next and he ultimately chose to return to Vought Tower and convince Homelander to confront Soldier Boy.

The Boys season 3 Black BlackScreenshot from The Boys season 3, episode 8 Amazon Prime Video

Black Noir Apparently Killed In The Season 3 Finale

In the Season 3 finale, Black Noir is joined by Homelander in Vought Tower.

At the end of the previous episode, Homelander had learned that Soldier Boy was actually his father and he confronts Black Noir about whether or not he knew this key piece of information.

Black Noir nods silently, admitting he knew Homelander had a real father there.

Unsurprisingly, Homelander is furious with Noir for hiding this knowledge from him for years and he goes on a rampage, punching Noir in the abdomen before removing a handful of his internal organs.

The scene ends with Black Noir lying on the ground, with blood spitting from his stomach, as his imaginary cartoon friends comfort him in tears as he appears to be dying.

The Boys season 3 Homelander and Black NoirScreenshot from The Boys season 3, episode 8 Amazon Prime Video

The Boys fans are convinced he is not dead

After Black Noir’s apparent death in The Boys season 3, fans of the show wasted no time in taking to social media to offer theories suggesting that Noir may not have died after. everything.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I don’t think he is dead they will bring him back because he is a fan favorite and because Vought never announced his death, only Meave’s which is odd.”

This post was echoed by this fan, who said: “Vought never announced his death like they did Maeve so I still have hope. I think it could also be that Vought put a Homelander clone in the costume to cover up the death of the real Black. We will see.”

“He will definitely come back,” this fan commented: “He will probably go after Homelander like in the comics.”

While this fan commented, “Remember when Black took a frontal blast from a super terrorist who had the power to explode and he walked away like nothing was wrong with half a face. I think he will come back in Season 4 to join Butcher and his gang and Kimiko will teach him how to sign.”

And finally, this fan comes to terms with the fact that Black Noir is dead, saying, “May his cartoon buddies comfort him in his eternal sleep. I was really sad to see him go.

It’s worth noting that Black Noir’s powers include the ability to heal himself and we’ve seen him survive a lot of nasty injuries to date, so there’s a chance he could recover, although it may take a while. time.

And on top of that, in The Boys comics, Black Noir’s story is very different as he turns out to be a clone of Homelander and ends up killing the leader of the Seven, so maybe – as one fan notes above – this could be how this story unfolds as Vought seeks to cover up Noir’s death.

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Season 3 of The Boys is available for full streaming on Amazon Prime Video after the finale aired on July 8, 2022.

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