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SPOILERS: Does Jason die in Stranger Things and what happens to him?

July 4, 2022

At the start of the journey that is Stranger Things Season 4, many predicted that they would hate Vecna ​​more than any other character.

After the final season? Well, let’s just say that Jason Carver didn’t exactly walk out smelling the rose.

Portrayed by Mason Dye, the Season 4 addition is billed as Chrissy’s boyfriend. Side by side, we have the best athlete in school and the most popular girl. However, the public is soon sympathetic towards Chrissy and hostile towards her partner.

He stirs up trouble in Hawkins, trying to convince the town that the D&D Hellfire Club is in fact a satanic cult, spending much of the season hunting down lovable newcomer Eddie Munson.

Now that Part 2 has been created, it’s worth wrapping up. Does Jason die in Stranger Things?


stranger things season 4 part 2Image from season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things

Does Jason die in Stranger Things?

Yes, Jason Carver meets his grisly end in the Season 4 finale, titled The Piggyback.

Delving into what’s going on, Jason basically searches for anyone he can hold responsible for the tragedies at Hawkins that he himself can’t explain.

Convinced that his old friend Lucas is part of a satanic cult, he finds him at the Creel house and stumbles upon him and Max attempting to kill Vecna. However, Jason believes Lucas has Max under the influence as part of a ritual.

Not allowing Lucas to explain himself, he pulls a gun on the innocent teenager demanding he get Max out.

A fight between the two ensues and Jason crushes his headphones, ultimately ensuring that Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill can’t save her this time. Alas, Vecna ​​is able to orchestrate his plan without a hitch.

Lucas survives the encounter but Max’s disappearance is used to open a portal between Upside Down and Hawkins. Jason is restrained by constricted vines and opening the portal splits him completely in the middle, killing him in a fit of clear agony.


Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix

BridTV10556Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | Netflix

Stranger Things fans didn’t mourn Jason

As one of the big antagonist villains of the season, fans didn’t really shed a tear during the violent death scene.

Some jumped on Twitter to offer rather… happy reactions. Check out a selection of tweets:

“It was terrifying”

Mason Dye recently sat down with Cheatsheet and revealed how daunting it was to be on a show as widely adored as Stranger Things.

“It was terrifying,” he admitted. “That’s the best way to put it. I had about one day of excitement, the day I found out I had it. After that, absolutely terrified.

Although Jason and Eddie are frenemies on the show, it’s nice to hear that the cast got along so well behind the scenes:

“I became very close to Joe [Quinn]. We both went to Atlanta, I think it was about three weeks earlier or something before shooting. We spent three weeks hanging out nonstop. We went on dates, went to the aquarium.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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