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SPOILERS: Does Erica die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

July 2, 2022

Who is your favorite Stranger Things character?

It’s a question that deserves a lot of thought because there are so many incredible people who make up the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi horror series.

Season 3 introduced so many additions and gave existing characters more presence to make the question even harder. Indeed, one of the questionable highlights was Erica Sinclair, Lucas’ sister.

Portrayed by Priah Ferguson, her quick-witted comments provide serious comic relief and it’s great to see the 15-year-old American actress reprise the role in the latest batch of episodes.

However, some fans can’t help but demand the answer to an entirely different question. Does Erica die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?


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Does Erica die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

No, Erica Sinclair survives the dangers of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 and is alive and well at the end of Episode 9.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t encounter threats though, as she’s about to fall victim to Hawkins’ bullies. They believe the innocent Hellfire Club, which plays D&D, is a satanic cult and preys on the members, of which she is a part.

Luckily, she continues to tour, and Priah is expected to continue playing the role in the future.

That’s certainly welcome news, though it’s worth acknowledging that there are some major character deaths that will have fans reaching for the Season 4 fabrics and staring at their screens through floods of tears.

Very well deserved tears too.


Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | netflix

BridTV10556Stranger Things 4 | Trailer of volume 2 | Netflix

“It’s bittersweet”

During a recent chat with Who What Wear, Priah opened up about the role of Erica and revealed that she drew in a bit of her little sister when sculpting the character.

He was also asked what he would miss the most about working on the series:

“It’s bittersweet. I will miss the cast but also get into the rhythm of things. I’m gonna miss going on set. When you’ve been away from it for so long, you kinda miss it. I will miss the routine of waking up in the morning and having my hair and makeup done.

As you may know, Stranger Things has been renewed for a fifth and final season that should usher in the end of an era.

Fans talk about Erica in season 4

A number of viewers took to Twitter to share their love for Erica and react to some of her key footage.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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